Seizing the initiative

June 26, 2018

Good intelligence is very important. But more important than this is the skill to gainfully transform this resource into a wonder weapon. Take this simple illustration. If the arm chair pontificators in the school of LKY actually bothered to get off their big asses and hit the road to assemble an accurate picture of what the outcome of the 14 GE for Malaysia would be….things would be very different today and Singapore could still manage to hedge its bets to manage a respectable win….but instead they choose to be bovine, lazy and indifferent. The cost to the nation is so exorbitantly high.


‘I must now seize the initiative. But it is a bitter choice that requires me to wage war once again with the rival landowners….or at least pretend too. I do not relish the prospects of this charade….you see I am actually very tired of fighting and all I really wish for now is to sit on my rattan chair with a cold beer and watch the sun set in the evening. But that is not possible it seems….to many things are happening around me and if I should do nothing more than impersonate a moss riven stone. There are others making plans…formimg alliances and preparing to seize ground.

The tragedy of this sequence of unfortunate events is I have no such thing as the luxury of choice….I must attack first.

A surprise attack. One that I have been preparing for a very long time.

If it goes well….i will take off my shoe during the meeting, bang it, put tiger balm in my eyes and pretend to cry and tell everyone that I have not been treated fairly. Thereafter I will make a u turn and sue for peace. ‘

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