The distant love

June 26, 2018

Plantation dogs cannot be fondled, stroked and feted. Infact it is not recommended for the master to even touch them. That is because the goal of the trainer is to accentuate the primal instincts of these puppies. A good trainer must know how to sharpen these characters and never blunt them into uselessness. It is this aspect of the character of the dog that will be the building block for its training regime.

There are times when I feel sad that I cannot hold them or just give them a pat.

Nonetheless, they stay close to me and that makes me happy.


‘One of the puppies I have christened Ping Piang. It is a simple name because whenever you want to know where he is all you have to do is listen to things falling and making a big racket…that is why I have decided to call him Ping Paing.’

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