June 27, 2018

I will begin tO dam the river next month. Most people will not think much of this…after all it is confluence and branches out to another river. But what they do not know is this other river is completely silted.

When the wet season comes a flood will be engineered… usual i will pretend to play soduku and give everyone looks of bewilderment.

I have no choice…I have to attack and if there is such a thing approaching a compelling reason of sort it is simply this….It is the best or shall I say the only defense I have.


‘Born autistic. I had to learn such a thing known as life craft. I realize when I speak of this…it must come across as slightly ridicolous and even melodramatic. But i am serious. You see it is quite scary….I dont actually know how to life a purpose driven life. To gainfully accomplish this, I always have to look out for good examples to emulate.

One of the good things I learnt as a planter when I first started out was how thorough, efficient and uncomprising the Japanese spies were before the invasion of Malaya. They had literally embedded themselves into every aspect of life in Imperial Malaya and the most surprising thing was that they did all this directly in full view of their British overlords.

They were relentless. When the Japanese army landed in Kota Bahru they even had an inventory of how many bicycles to commander, right down to detailed maps on how to by pass the trunk and main roads by relying solely on plantation roads. They were so meticolous in their planning light artillery pieces could be dismantled and carried without too much fuss.

It would not to wrong to say the British were whipped for six of best….all on account on people who should never have been in the business of war in the first place as they have neither the understanding of the practical necessities of waging war to not having the slightest inkling on what it really takes to win a decisive victory.

I have learnt so many things for the Imperial Japanese army. One day I would like to travel to Yakasuni shrine and pay my deepest respects to those who I deeply respect and admire.

Regrettably much of the history of this epic intelligence gathering exercise and how it was used to strategic advantage is lost and forgotten.

I just do not agree with the atrocities…I think that was both vile and deep scar of shame on the japanese people.

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