Two of everything

June 29, 2018

Many people ask of me – why do I seem to have two of everything? The answer is. In the event one fails, there is a standby. The other reason is by having two, if one unit underperforms it can be collaborated with the unit that is working properly. Thirdly should both units go on the blink, the parts can be cannibalize to put together a functioning unit.

And finally in life it always pays big dividends to always have a plan B…..especially when things are going well.


‘If you’ve ever learnt to sail old school. A rule of thumb most sailors abide to is never put your faith on one compass. That I imagine holds true for the rest of life as well. The only exception being your mate or maybe mother in law. But having two of everything is simply a round about way of saying – in life it pays to hedge your bets and not put all your eggs in one basket….that makes sense.’

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