Coming to terms with who I am – The right to hit back!

July 16, 2018

No. It can’t be very easy. Not at all. One reason that may account for this anomaly is perhaps my militant refusal to see myself for really who I am. I dont mean I dont see myself….I do, its just that I tend to embellish, justify and even mythologize the person in the mirror without even realizing it. Truth is…there are many things about me that I and I am sure others may not like very much.


‘If I dont bother to give others the impression that I have the capacity to hit back and just turn the other cheek…..they will come back for more…of my arse. First they will take a bit, then more and more till its impossible to hold them back.

This way. Although most of it is make belief. They might just believe it and that is enough to scare them off. In life that’s all you can do when providence deals you crummy cards with no pairs….you just have to hold on to your guli’s tight and hope that when you tell the rest on the table…’raise you all…no…double or nothing! They take it all hook, line and sinker.

But do not be fooled for one moment….its a very dangerous game.

A game that only he can play…..

I woke this morning to find HIS bushjacket pressed. I had it locked it all in a steel box in the belief that I had finally banished him….and I have absolutely no recollection of ever retrieving it from the abyss.

He’s back!

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