HSR pull out clause…

July 18, 2018

To my understanding of the power and political reality between Singapore and Malaysia….it was grossly negligent on the part of the transport and possibly the housing minister and even the EDB to allow this ball to slip right between their legs….they should have locked in the Malaysians in such a way where a pull out clause would be so exorbitantly expensive that it makes more sense for them to continue then to throw it into the dustbin…..of course many people will say now. Well we dont have a crystal ball…we are not descendents of Nostradamus either, so how do you expect us to know the ruling party of sixty odd years would vacate and the new Malaysian government would do an epic U turn while showing us their bum bum….but I disagree completely with this take.


The fifty and a bit billion dollar question is – was it all foreseeable? If it was not…then fine. No one should be blamed. After all shit happens and unfortunately it happens all the time. But my feel is there were so many red flags out there in blogoland to rightly draw the conclusion – there is a clear and present risk that the ruling BN party would lose to hedge one’s bets….so dont blame the Malaysians, blame the folk who should have been switched on. Obviously they must have been on auto or stand by mode for all this to have happened.

You know people ask me. Whether I like my job. Usually I just respond with a dolphin smile and shake my head in such a way where it conveys to them anything that they probably assume about how I might feel about what I do for a living. But occasionally…very seldom….and it’s happened before. I do come across men who like myself. I dont need to explain to them why I parked my car there when it makes far more leg sense to park it over here. Or why I always enter a building thru the service entrance. Never ever speak to strangers. Or for that matter have a habit of rummaging thru the personal details of people whenever I feel the need too…..I dont need to explain.

Comigng to think of it whenever I come across men such as myself – we dont even talk about it. Its a vampire thing…we just sit there quietly.

I tend to believe…when one knows a thing for what it truly is and not what others may say or claim it is….one tends to keep very quiet.’

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