Fear – dont hate your enemies, let them be your guru’s

July 26, 2018

Duck King was afraid. I could smell his fear that morning. He saw with the landonwer that he was going to eat….that was all he needed to completely believe that I had given this chap the assurance that I would stand with him…no matter what comes.

Duck King was afraid. As in all probability he and his combined motley crew really only had JUST enough to take on this landowner….at best it was only a wafer thin marginal advantage.

That was the reason why he was so angry….he was afraid as he believed I would blunt any aggressive moves against this other landowner.

Truth is. I cant give two shits whether this other landowner lived or died…but its not that way in strategy in the context of power and politics.

I had to take a stand. As if they overrun him….I would be next.


‘Many people say its unfortunate that Singapore is in the bad books of China and possibly Mahathir. But I don’t see that as a bad thing. Not at all. As when you ask yourself – what is it that keeps you alert and sharp? There can only be one answer – YOUR ENEMY!

When I reflect back on my own experience as a planter. I can understand with remarkable ease what Sun Tzu actually meant when he wrote, when in war think about peace, when in peace think about war. It comes across as a stricture against being complacent….but what it actually prescribes is the overwhelming need for a person or instution or in this case a sovereign state to allow the threat of his enemy to shape its outlook, attitudes and form – to put it in another way, what Sun Tzu actually meant to convey is its bloody impossible to systematically develop war making competencies without the constant threat of destruction posed by one’s enemies.

It is certainly counter intuitive to presuppose that living under the constancy of the threat of destruction is necessarily a good thing. But if one considers that the threat of Gaul to Rome was essentially what supplied the impetus for the Romans to develop their highly disciplined skill of arms at developing the first modern meat grinder that eventually became the basis of all modern militaries….it is easy to see how war or specifically the threat of annilation can actually be a good thing. Incidentally, the eventual of defeat of Gaul followed by long periods of peace was what actually caused the Roman legions to anthropize and eventually decay to such a point where it ceased to be an effective war machine to enable it to prosecute on the demands of empire.

Despite my many attempts to distill this thesis into an elegant mathematic theory. I must admit failure. But what cannot be denied is the supposition that living under a state of constant threat is not necessarily a bad thing as it seems to be the only reliable motivator to compel individuals, firms and nations to be alert, prepared and capable.

When I reflect on my own life as a planter. It is the constancy of the threat of annilation that has been the one primary motivating factor that is responsible for my success.

In summary without the risk of coming across as someone who likes to blow his own trumpet….dont allow your enemies to bring out the very worse in you. Instead allow them to bring out the best in you.’

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