The power of the still mind

July 26, 2018

How many times have you heard a sage describe moving without moving, acting without acting, doing without doing?
I had a conversation with a friend yesterday who described this state perfectly when she spoke of being the stillpoint flowing.
I think flow is the paradigm of the higher dimensions. And the stillpoint is us resting in our centers. When we are the stillpoint flowing, I think we’ll be who these sages are describing.
My business rivals have made the first moves of aggression at 5.00 today….everyone in my camp is looking my way for leadership.

I simply told them….the mountain does not move. All other things and even creatures around the mountain may move and even make alot of noise. But understand this clearly!

The mountain does not move!


‘In the moment of my youth. I took Kendo – the way of the sword seriously. Most approached it in terms of a sport. I on the otherhand regarded it as a philosophy…a way of life.

Serious enough to shave my head bald….I saw myself as the ultimate destroyer or specifically the leveller of beauty. As in the moment of my youth, I was exceptionally good looking. I lived a spartan existence revolving like the planets only lectures and kendo.

There was one kendo exponent who I especially wanted to beat….his name was Hiroshi…he studied engineering in Imperial college. That was a novelty…a Japanese earning a British degree.

During one bout with Hiroshi. I suddenly found myself in the stillpoint of flowing…moving without moving…thinking without having to think…well that was at least how most kendoist would describe the experience… it seemed to me then it was impossible to defeat Hiroshi….he was simply too strong..its hard to describe it all…as its all happening at a higher-dimensional experience beyond just thinking…rather its knowing without having to search for knowledge and seeing without seeing….if you know what I mean.

After that I layed down my sword for seven straight years….You see…after that bout with Hiroshi. I knew something deep down…its not just a feeling like the desire to walk at half past twelve to seven eleven for a brain freeze slurpee. No! I knew deep down to the marrow of my bones. There was no way to defeat him. You see I just didnt have it in me…..he was simply too strong…too imposing…too much like a mountain and we all know. We all know.

Mountains dont move….I should know. I was the greatest swordsman who ever lived.’

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