The story within the Story

July 29, 2018

We all secretly yearn to be in a story. That is why we like them so very much. We like it so much. We even imagine we are some how part of the story… Or maybe we just see ourselves as the various characters in a movie by identifying with either their quirks or whatever they are facing. Often we do this without even realizing it….substituting ourselves for the characters in the story. We even believe that we can understand the challenges the characters are facing…. because we are convinced we know ourselves.

This is what I call the necessary deception of every good story….it actually makes it easy for the audience to slip out of their own skins into that make belief outer shell like slip slippers one finds in hotels.

Truth is. We are actually clueless about who we really are. If we really take the trouble to press the pause button…we might even be confused about who we are or how many percent of ourselves actually belong to others…we only have a glimmer of who we are, but at the end even that morsel of self assurance is based more on faith than the testable.

So we take faith in the lie – I know myself, and in this magic surrealism that is our belief – our lives go on.


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