Preferring to be alone

August 20, 2018

Being alone has been successfully sold as a character flaw to such an extent. That today it is often perceived to be a leading social problem. There are even words to ostracise people who choose to be alone….loner etc etc.

Hence society has programmed many to believe loneliness is an urgent problem that requires treatment. And so people respond to this ‘problem’ by connecting.

Only understand this! The desire to connect is a symptom not a cure.


‘I am negotiating for land. Today an emissary sent by the otherside exlaimed – you told us…you will buy the land. I asked of him, where did you here this from?

He said. He heard it, but he cannot recall where….that was when I said. You must be hearing voices….

Being alone allows us to audit our thoughts, actions along with setting our priorities according to what we consider necessary, rather than the needs of others.’

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