August 21, 2018

It is not entirely true to say that those who are malevolent and seldom ever work for your best interest bring out the worse in you. Or even exploit your weaknesses.

The truth can only be to awlful that I suspect may well be why this subject is rarely ever discussed.

In reality, manipulators dont ever exploit one’s weaknesses. After all why should they settle for the rump when they can take a royal bite out of the choicest cuts.

Rather when we speak about what is actually manipulated by manipulators.

They milk their victims kindness, their decency, and the best aspects of what makes them worthwhile human beings.


‘Today one of my business colleagues mentioned, he trust no one. At first I just ignored him and continued eating. After everyone had left the table. I summoned him to come closer to impress upon him what I was about to share can only be highly confidential and valuable – ‘dont take it personally. As I dont even trust myself. So how reasonable is it to expect me to trust you?’

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