Dried figs and Olive oil – Bedouin cure for heat

August 24, 2018

Throughout the middle east and into North Africa, caravaners will drink this concoction of dried figs and extra virgin olive oil. That is because when one is on the go for twelve hours on a camel under the hot sun day in and day out, it can take a toll on the mind, body and spirit.

The desert is a place where to suffer from mere constipation, one can even perish.

This is a very ancient medicinal concoction. It even predates islam. Infact it is mentioned in the Quran. Way before that the ancient Sumerians and Egyptians would drink it before every meal (In the olden days people only eat twice unlike modern man who eats non stop).

For men this ‘pick me up’ is excellent for stress control. As it is very effective in lowering high blood pressure, cools the head, removes heat from deep within the eye sockets and ear canals. Rids bones and joints of gas and prevents muscle aches. Lowers anxiety, nervousness and light headedness by controlling your insulin production. Oil can also be used to moisturize eyebrows, moustache and hair to strenghten cuticle and promote hair growth.

For women over thirty. This magic potion has a calming effect on nerves by stabilizing the alimentary canal by rendering it less acidic. Prevents excessive production of saliva. Make their eyes brighter and the eye white whiter. Whitens skin. Eliminates purple nails and white hair. Lessens the pain of menstrual cramps. Purifies the blood. Improves bone density and eliminates gas between joints of bones. Reverses the aging process. Improves the overall mood by promoting a feeling of well being and prevents sun related nervous dispostions and madness of all kinds.


(1) Take four dried figs and soak in a four table spoons of extra virgin olive oil overnight.

(2) In the morning consume two figs and two tablespoons of olive oil in empty stomach. Meal should only be taken fifteen minutes after.

(3) One hour before bedtime, do the same as above. After consuming, put your hands over your ears and cup them. Chant Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh as long as you can. You dont have to be loud. The goal is to create a pleasant resonance that will reveberate thru out your body and align all the meridians. This is optional, but highly recommended if walking outfield, ridding bicycle, horse or camel.

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