How to make a batch of figs in olive oil

August 25, 2018

I attended a bertunang luncheon of one of my harvesters today. Bertunang means the man and woman are officially betrothed and engaged and shortly thereafter this is followed by a proper marriage.

This is how I consume dried figs and olive. The formula is very simple – buy dried figs. Usually I buy it two or three weeks after Hari Raya that is when i can get it at a massive discount. At times 80%. That’s because dried figs are highly perishable in our hot humid weather.

Fill dried figs into a wide mouth big jar. Add virgin olive oil. That’s it.

Early in the morning I eat about four figs and gulp down two big table spoons of olive oil. Sometimes I mix it with bread and eggs or cereals.

I take it only once a day. During breakfast. That’s all you really need to stay healthy and cool in this heat.

I stopped smoking last December and since then I have been eating non stop. As a result I now look like a fat uncle. I am use this formulation primarily for weight management and to keep my tummy and gut in good health. This is especially important during the hot weather.

I hope to slim down soon.

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