The greatest fear in this world….

August 27, 2018

Today a rival landowner visited me as I was worked alongside my farm hands. When he saw me, this chap boomed out. ‘I do not agree with you!’ I told him, ‘you have every right to your point of view…just as I do.’ He was quite surprised by the curtness of my reply. Sensing the finality of my indifference he asked as I walked away, ‘aren’t you going to try to change my mind.’

I just walked away and cont working.


‘This is something that you have to absolutely strive to understand in your twenties and early thirties. Because it is conceivable even your parents who love you dearly might not even be aware of its importance and how powerful it is in shaping you as a person. By your late thirties to mid forties you should strive to do it. I say ‘strive’ only because it will take you that long to actually do it….it is not easy. Many have tried. Many have failed.

The greatest fear in the world is the opinions of others.

This is how you and me and everyone had been programmed. It is like wearing clothes when we go out in the world. Anyone who denies this reality is simply out of touch with who they really are…..just accept this reality.

What you must strive for is to be unafraid of the crowd….once you are no longer looking at the crowd for approval, validation and respect that is the moment when you become your own man and woman.

Before that. You belong to the crowd and the world…Yes you do. But once you understand the why you need to strive to be unafraid of the crowd and work towards freedom, that is when you can live under your own terms.

Many people do not know this that is why they suffer.’

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