War is inevitable!

August 27, 2018

Today someone asked of me, why is it wherever you go…there is war? I told this person. That is the best indication in the whole wide world that you are dedicating all your efforts to something very significant in this lifetime.

Because if it is going to be anything less than this – you are just someone who is like everyone else and no one even bothers to back stab, try to kill or character assasinate you…..the chances are you are just using up precious space, oxygen and opportunity cost to get by in life.

One day you will end up old, poor, fat and not long after that you will die.


‘Many ignorant people place a hand on their heart and say proudly.

I am against war.

Hello! I want to be clear. I am against war as well, but at the same time I accept reality as well.

These people are not only ignorant, but incredibly shallow and uninitiated in the art of deep reading. This is the only reason that can possibly explain why they don’t seem to know the truth.

WAR is why we as the human species are still alive! It is the only reason why our brain continues to grow bigger.

Mankind’s first invention is not plough, wheel or even the discovery of fire, it is a weapon fashioned from a big dinosaur femur to bang the head of another human…so that he can have more food, space or diversity in mating partners.

The reason war is inevitable in your, mine and probably most people’s lives is because resources are finite and in some cases even scarce. And since every human on this planet wants what he considers to be his ‘fair’ share in life…we all have to fight to get it!

Dont take it personally. I never take war personally. To me it is an occupational liability like having to accept that so long as the human species continues to travel by cars, trains, planes and ships…man will simply have to run the gauntlet of risking life and limb. Even should you decide to walk to minimize your risk…you may walk right into a sinkhole and die! Even if you say to yourself – i will sit in this room and not move! You may also die as well. As the ceiling fan may come down and chop off your head like a guillotine!

Once you realize war is as natural and normal to men like maternity is to women.

You will not longer fret…suddenly the affairs of the world will become very clear and transparent to you. Suddenly you will realize anyone who argues or insist that war isn’t inevitable and there can be such a thing as an enduring peace can only be unhinged from all notions of reality.

Man will always be destructive….he is just very clever at disguising this.’

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