When will all Malaysia’s woes be cured by Pakatan Harapan?

August 28, 2018

Q: There is not a day that goes by when the public is not informed of this or that scandal perpetrated by the previous BN government. Given what seems like the pandemic state of what is wrong with the apparatus of government. When do you see all this resolving itself?

A: Tell me what is there to be gained by speedily resolving the multitude of problems created by the last government? Isn’t it better to allow the whole sad story to unravel slowly. The slower the better I suspect. As this can only strenghten PH and especially Mahathir & Co.

Having said all that, there is definitely an expiry date to this strategy as at some point they would have to take ownership and assume responsibility for all the problems facing Malaysia instead of just dumping it on BN.

Q: Many people have been asking when will Anwar be the next PM of Malaysia? What is your take on this burning question?

A: Mahathir is very popular and he and his advisors know it. For the time being. No one can touch him. Not even Anwar Ibrahim. That accounts for why despite bersatu securing only 13 seats. Mahathir is able nominate key cabinet positions without even consulting the largest party in the coalition PKR. Another issue

On the balance of power Mahathir is able to use 42 seats of DAP to overwhelm the 49 seats of PKR.

But Anwar is no push over either. If for any reason Mahathir derogates from his promise and Anwar doesnt get to wear the PM hat. There is a real possibility of PKR forming an alliance with BN and possibly PAS which in total accounts for 147 seats and that can allow Anwar to form a government.

In summary what we have right now is something akin to a Mexican standoff with everyone pointing guns at everyone. And that is basically another way of saying – anything can happen. The situation is very fluid. Everything that we know or dont can change in one blink of the eye into something very different and unexpected. So hang on tight.

Q: Do you see a wild card in the mix given that BN is already a dead duck. Is there any factor that you consider to be relevant in undertaking calculations as to what will happen politically in Malaysia in the next five years.

A: BN may well be a dead duck. As you said. But you must understand UMNO is still very much alive. In the elections they garnered the highest number of votes of all individual and component parties. The reason why they couldnt swing the elections was because the rest of the component parties comprising of MIC, MCA and Gerakan failed big time. As for PAS, they failed to deliver. So it is not entirely true to say UMNO is deader than dead. Because what you have to understand is UMNO has been the creche of Malay politics and power for the last sixty years and in that period they have accumulated a largesse that is estimated to be in the billions. So this is a warchest that can be used by any aspiring politician. Instead of starting from zero. It is my considered opinion that it is a great omission to dismiss UMNO as a spent force. Because it has not only the financial muscle to prosecute on goals, but also the organizational framework in the form of an oligrachy and hegemony that makes command and control possible. So when we talk about who will win. Will it be either Anwar and Mahathir, it is silly not to factor in a juggernaut like UMNO. At some point UMNO will morph into the role of the kingmaker. If there is a wild card or joker, i think this is it simply because everyone seems content to dismiss UMNO as a has been. But their assesment is fatally incorrect.

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