There’s no shame in saying.. you fear

August 29, 2018

None whatsoever. As you, I and everyone lives in fear…to some extent…it is ultimately a matter of degree. That is all. As for those who claim they do not live in fear. They are actually the most fearful that is why they have to indulge their insecurities by whistling in the dark. In truth to be fearful is very natural and even part and parcel of the human condition…we all fear not being able to make ends meet, letting down those who we love and cherish. Fear that we catch an incurable disease that will bankrupt us and leave us facing a slow lingering death. Fear that we will lose our jobs, youth and vigor. Fear that we have to spend the rest of life alone. Fear that no one loves us.

We fear, fear and fear. I fear, fear and fear. They fear, fear and fear…yet we are all happy to be part of this fearful thing called life.


‘Not very long ago. A man asked of me – you live all alone in the middle of the wild…your closest neighbor is a good fifteen minutes drive away…do you not fear?

I replied, ‘Of course I am afraid.’

The man was at first confused by my answer. He responded by grimacing his face into a question mark. Then very slowly he smiled mischeviously and suddenly as if seized by some rare epiphany, he exclaimed, ‘You’re using reverse psychology on me!’ And again I said to him, ‘I am afraid.’

He did not believe me.

My point is just because one is fearful doesnt mean that fear by itself has the power to disable. No! It is possible to be fearful and still function at 100%. Let me tell you something even stranger. Fear can even be a valued advisor. If you know how to listen to fear that is. That is because the mechanism of fearing has taken millions of years to evolve in the human species. If the capacity to fear was not crucial and pertinent to the whole equation of adding value to life, it would have been rendered obselete like the tails we used to have.

So understand this, fear is useful…it can be channeled towards a positive end.

Anyone who claims that it is a good idea to deny it, can be turned off by positive thinking is simply very dangerous.

When I use the term, fear. It simply means. To me at least. We are tuning inwards to listen to our inner being. Our inner being is continuously giving us hints; it is a still, small voice. It does not shout at you. And if you still yourself, you will start feeling your way around this voice. Never try to suppress your fear. You will just end up frustrated, exhausted and more confused.

Instead observe the sum of your fears quietly like a witness. Do not be clingy. Just let them go by and thru and away from you. From time to time like ghost they will appear and disapppear. That is OK….that is the nature of fear. Once you understand a thing from the inside out. Even a dangerous thing like a cobra or for that matter fear itself…it is easy to look at it with wisdom. By doing just this and this alone, one accepts responsibility of being oneself.’

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