Sailing with Chet Baker

August 30, 2018

Its so hot in the nights….i only ever dream of sailing in the cool seas. In the dream, its always just around dawn or dusk. The sky is indigo and the sea before me an eriee purplish pulse. The prowl ploughs the sea crisply, it leaves an opalescent wake that resembles a white line of chalk on a black board. I feel cool by the sea breeze and from time to time I catch sight of a meteorite scaring across the inky blue of the skies. In this dream i am always chewing Qad. I reckon it must be the coast just off east Africa. Maybe off the coast of etiophia or Mozambique. I look starboard, but the light makes it impossible to confirm the paraffin blue of the seas. But i can feel the mistral as it curls around my body, its a clove scented wind pirates call Sintaramala, its mildly lashed with the scent of Qad leaves and if one gulps it down real fast. One can even get a buzz…a high. I try and fail. Try again and maybe its the trying that makes feel high….yes I am flying sailing in this dream boat with Chet Baker.

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