Looks yummy as a spread on sandwiches. Something to whip up early in the morning and pack to the field and chow on between bf and lunch.

The great distraction of 377A

September 30, 2018

Whenever hot potato issues such as the controversial anti fake news laws surface. Something completely frivolous and tangential like 377A is surreptiously and mysteriously brought up by people who I rather not mention by name to hijack the mainstream narrative…….all dialogue including monologues are streamed into covert zoo keeping blogs such as mothership.sg and singaporedaily and soon the important is white washed and forgotten…that will be all right, if we can all gainfully make head way on the trite subject of 377A. The problem is this capper has been staged managed on at least six separate occasions and on every count the outcome is the same…it ends in a stalemate, everyone sighs at not being able to find resolution and they pick their bags and go home…. nothing ever gets resolved. Meanwhile the cogent that everyone should rightly focus on as a matter of clear and present danger gets lost in the engineered noise of perception management.

The problem with the idiots behind this covert cyber operation is that they keep using the same modus operandi all the time….moscow rules would rightly advise them to at least change tack. But even they don’t seem to care very much…..maybe no one notices.


‘Never ever allow anyone to pull your by the nose and lead you wherever they want you to go….never! Because if they do this. It is really only to accomplish one goal – to short circuit your ability to focus on what’s really jugular and important.

I say this. Because in the advent of the digital epoch the real danger is not so much the predition factor fake news. Rather it is the endless methodologies in which desires, yearnings, interest and even mere puffs of points of views can be harvested by alogrithms and streamed into superhighways of consciousness. It is conceivable we may no longer live in a world where even our most private thoughts can be called our own. As since we rely implicit on a network, we are in effect part of larger system that drives this insidious machine that can shape thoughts and even eliminate or demote other thoughts.

In summary no one can be trusted in this digital age, not corporations. Certainly not governments and above all not even yourself!’

(1) Pound for pound sardines is the most nutritious and heavy metal free fish in the world! If you eat sardines regularly your eyes will be clear and bright like Samsung AMOLED, teeth will be strong like nails and your hair will be shiny and three dimensional like a Doberman. Women who dont want to get cheated by highly unnecessary super expensive beauty programs should eat sardines three times a week!

(2) Sardines are the world’s most sustainable food stuff. They key word here is sustainable. The only reason why this superfood is not widely consumed is because big food corp prefer to drive up the price of chemical laden cod, salmon, haddock, garoupa etc. I actually believe there is a global conspiracy to discourage sardine consumption by spreading negative propaganda concerning its taste, smell etc etc.

(3) Sardines populations have been exploding. There are three times more sardines in the seas than 100 years ago. As higher food chain predator fish such as cod, salmon, haddock, tuna, garoupa have been overhunted or perished due to mercury poiosoning. If man does not learn to eat sardines, it has been estimated that the overpopulation of sardines will destroy the ecology in the planet.


‘Sardines have always been considered grunt grumb aka poor man’s food. Often its marketed as necessity food. The last of the mohican stuff that you only turn to in the event of an all out nuclear attack and. Since two headed zombies are roaming orchard road and eating people, its not safe to go out….so have no choice but to chow on sardines.

Sardines are also associated with yucky fishiness in terms of smell and taste. To such an extent where people even avoid sardines all together because of the smell.

All this is propaganda systematically and cleverly forwarded by big food corp.

The reason why they dont encourage you or me to regularly consume sardines is the very same reason why the global cattle conspiracist keep forwarding the myth that cheese, milk and beef is the best thing since sliced bread. That is to say the economics and politics of food favors scarcity and that simply means most of these food corp are driven by the profit motive to market chemical laden fish such as salmon, haddock, tuna, garoupa etc etc than sardines which allows them to get a better return on their investment.

But there is no way these mind benders can ever fool me as I read alot. And if you set aside some time and check out what I have said about sardines…its all true…its a super food like Popeye’s magic spinach. I am probably the only human on this planet who has done years of extensive research to render the humble sardine the most delicious meal on this planet.’

On New Naratif

September 29, 2018

Very interesting and informative alternative news site.


‘Politics cannot be exclusively for politicians. If that is the case, then it is no longer politics as the word implies and probably something closer to an insular nonsensical monologue. Besides if no one participates in politics, then the politicians are free to impute and claim everything in the name of a disinterested and bovine public…this I suspect is what politicians really want….to do what they want without having to deal with the pesky public. This is politicians make it not only difficult for ordinary folk to participate actively in politics. But they even go to the extent of incorporating a policeman into every citizens head so that whatever questions emerge are not too pointed….that is not only dangerous. But it also adds absolute zero value to the whole political discourse and what this corrosive bochap (indifferent) attitude is likely to produce is a flabby, complacent and self indulgent government.

This is what happened in Malaysia. Seriously bengkok (bent) politicians seized power and started to write blank cheques for themselves and their buddies and since they could intimidate and put anyone in jail. Few dared to speak out openly. They behaved as if the statecraft was some private club. But fortunately, there were a few brave souls who continued to speak out despite many being crushed and the rest as the Americans say is history.

So for me I always remember those who spoke out when it was dangerous to do so….as they are the real heroes. Not the politicians. They’re just there for the ride.’

It is not always possible to stop thinking negative thoughts. That is because it is the nature of the mind to wander like a restless child. At one moment it is enthralled by this, then mesmerized by that and so on and so forth…that is the elemental nature of the mind.

Having said that it is not always possible for one to exercise absolute control over one’s thoughts….it is possible not to feed your negative thoughts.

Whenever we feed our negative thoughts. We are creating so much negative energy that it can only suck us in.


‘I grew up accustommed to watching my own thoughts. I realize you dont have to do that. But I have too simply because what is right, appropriate or ‘normal’ doesnt always come naturally to me. For example if i like a girl, its not unusual for me to stare at her like some crazed stalker. If i really like her, i might even flip out my dick on the table and ask her, ‘excuse me do you want some of this? So as you very well understand. Being mindful is not optional to me, not if I want to function in your world without ending up talking to a man with a big moustache in a police station.

The funny thing about watching one’s thoughts is after a while. One is able to read the thoughts of others with remarkable ease and precision. And somewhere in all these, I have been able to make out that some people have every reason to be happy. Yet what they do without them even realizing it is. They subconsciously will or steer their mind into a zone of negativity that can only cause them unhappiness and suffering. At times they do this so often that it becomes a habit. For example they pick fights with their girlfriends and spouses, not because they are angry. Rather it is because it is habitual and worse of all they dont even realize this……..that is why when I look at the world. There are times when I actually think that I am the only normal one and they’re all seriously messed up upstairs. The only problem there is since they’re more of those crazies. I can never hope to win, so its best to keep my thoughts all to myself.’

Found Rita!

September 28, 2018

Discovered Rita this morning at the edge of my lands. She is quite thin, exhausted and disorientated. Other than what looks like a busted jawline…Rita seems fine.

Now that I have all my dogs back again….I am so happy.

The landowner in the front section of my land has entered a secret pact with my business rivals to deny me access to my land! I found this out thru his personal secretary. A forty something MILF.

For years I have been giving her the highest quality plastic flowers and expiry dated boxes of chocs to cultivate her as a reliable mole.

By denying me access the landowner means to force me to buy his portion of land for an exorbitant sum!

I have not said ‘no’ to him…..instead I have given this bent landowner lawyer’s every indication I am most interested to buy his land. I will play for time. Meanwhile I have spread fake news that the spirits on my land are not happy as in the event front access is denied, they would be forced to take the long route. To accomplish this deception, i have hired down and outs to wear Japanese soldier uniforms and march up and down in the dead of night…..that should convince any naysayers that the spirits of the land are not happy with this move.

And since the village medium is under my payroll. When the time is right. I will arrange for her to go into a fake trance to convince the villagers that blocking access is a very idea…very bad indeed.



September 27, 2018

The most grevious harm we commit to ourselves daily and hourly without even realizing is to live in either the distant past or unrealized future, but never the present.

The very moment we make a conscious effort to live only in the present….suddenly we will become aware of the many things, people and events which were always there….but were not there before.


‘Father of an autistic boy once confided to me….I am always anxious as to what will happen to my son once I and my wife are no longer around. I told him, the sun is shinning, its a beautiful day, you are fit as a fiddle and as for the boy he has a smile as big and wide as a pumpkin head scarecrow…..just deal with NOW!…do just that…take one day at a time dont try to wolf it all down in one go…you will choke…as for the future it will take care of itself nicely.’

I have spent many years trying to distill the perfect sardine curry…..and I believe I have found it. This is no ordinary sardine curry. As it can perform gastronomical wonders…such as save doomed marriages, restore the ying and yang of appetites and much much more.

To be able to cook is power unto yourself…..

If you want this recipe just drop me a line in the comment box….do not be intimidated. Cooking is not as hard as it seems. Beaides I have simplified the steps in such a way where even an autistic hopeless case such as myself can walk from A to Z with very little difficulty…yet being able to produce a gastronomical delight of astounding nature.

An oppositional politician in Singapore who has difficulties in figuring out whether he should oppose the ruling party….is like a cat who is confused whether he should catch mice or maybe run away from rats…..or maybe it is like a dog that hasnt figured out whether the burglar is his enemy or best friend.

If that is the case, then Pritam Singh should do Singapore and Singaporeans a big favor by resigning….as with that sort of pariah dog philosophy, he is no bloody use at all to anyone least of all his dearly unfortunate party.


“As much as I agree PJ was singled out, he also singled out the PAP for special treatment in his representation,” he wrote on Facebook on Saturday (Sept 22) in response to a comment by freelance journalist Kirsten Han.

“There was no way they (PAP) were going to let that stand on the parliamentary record, unrebutted. Singling out the PAP was PJ’s prerogative, consequences included.”

But to be fair to Dr Thum how is he supposed to narrate his understanding of Singapore history without ever touching on the preponderent role of PAP?

This cannot be done! If Pritam Singh uses his noodles, he will also come to that conclusion. Because to do otherwise would be nothing sort of embellishing and perhaps even manufacturing a skewered impression of the history of Singapore.

So to me, Pritam Singh was very presumptous to assume Dr Thum took a personal stance against the PAP.

What Pritam Singh should have rightfully done was ask why did the PAP take what Dr Thum had to say about the PAP personally. On record, he did not do this.’

She uses meat curry powder….just remember that….not fish curry powder.

It’s exactly one full year after my replanting. Meanwhile my banana harvest has come in….its so-so only.

I really have to look for Rita…even if the chances are only 50/50. You see we have been together since 2013. One doesnt just give up on that sort of relationship like dumping a worn pair of slippers into the chute. Some people can do that. But not me. I am by nature slow to trust. But once I decide to stand by you. Its as good as a life time warranty….there’s no shaking me off.

My batman jungle gear is ready, its a full moon tonite. I will navigate by the wan of the moonlit and the stars. I will hug the river if the stones are dry, they should glow nicely. That would save on batteries and allow me to proceed swiftly uphill.

I will bring Rufus with me, should I be lucky and find either Rita or Jaswan, its very unlikely that they will have the energy to make the trek back. We would probably have to fashion a harness and I will carry one of them down.

4 lost dogs…two found.

September 24, 2018

Two days ago. Four dogs left the compound – Rita, Turbo, Shadow and Jaswan. This happens…in this case. The mistake was mine entirely as I failed to double lock the inner parameter gates.

I have been searching for them since, fortunately the trail is crispy this time of the year, as it has not been raining – this made it possible for me to track them. I discovered Turbo and Shadow at the edge of the jungle. They were completely wiped out and exhausted. So much so, they did not even respond to my calls.

As for Rita and Jaswan. I was not able to continue tracking them as it rained heavily after finding Turbo and Shadow…..their tracks were wiped out. From this point onwards its like looking for a needle in a haystack.

I have called off the search, as experience informs me it is usually impossible for a dog to survive more than three days in the jungle.


‘What will kill you in a jungle is the same as what will do you in six feet under the ground style in the desert, sea or anywhere else where man is not supposed to last more than twenty four hours….it is panic. Panic will make you run here and there and everywhere like a crazed man. When you fall into such a vicious gyre, it is not so different from an engine running full toss without any lubricants…..you will burn up and eventually konk out!

Now that you know something that you did not know yesterday…..if and when you find yourself shipwrecked, marooned or lost….be mindful of your battery levels. That is to say, stay calm and try not to move too much.’

Simple kari sardine

September 24, 2018

In Malaysia many in the new government support the annulment of the fake news law passed under the Najib led regime. Many consider the fake news laws alarmist and unnecessary. They have argued quite sensibly existing legislation is sufficient and more is simply excessive and could very well scare and intimidate the masses into silence.

In Singapore. The ruling party have ruled in favor of enacting fake news law. They (the committee) believe without the new fake news law…Singapore and Singaporeans are doomed and will probably drown in a whirlpool of fakery and fantasia.

Who is right? Who is wrong? What is the best way to progress?….you decide….because whatever I say might just very well be fake news.

I said ‘No!’ When I was asked why! I replied, because that adds absolutely zero value to the idea of good governance….kindly laminate what I have just written and put it in your wallet!

The role of a patriot is to always oppose the government at every turn and opportunity….to be skeptical, to interrogate and to proof….that keeps the idea of government fresh, relevant and above all purposeful for the role that it is supposed to fulfill.

Good governments have nothing to fear when their stakeholders do this…infact they will welcome it. Only crooked and bent governments have cause for dispute. As they are hidding something or perhaps not using power in the way it was delienated for.

Supporting blindly government…any government is just signing a blank cheque….its a fool’s game.

I realize many many things have been attributed to Najib…pandemic corruption, unmitigated abuse of power, perverting the course of justice to some say even outright murder!

However I believe Najib did alot of good for Malaysia and Malaysians….if he failed in any where it might because he was too soft as a leader and did not maintain party discipline.


‘I am a realist. That’s really another way of saying – I take the world for what it is and not how I wished it to be. That means if you ask of me a question like – is LKY a good man? I would probably ignore you and we might perhaps move to the subject of urination techniques. But if you ask me, is LKY effective? Then I would say, not only was he effective…he was bloody necessary!

Understand this! This is not about right or wrong…moral congruence or even the law. If you want that, then you should go knock on Edwin Tong’s door to get twenty yes or no questions about LKY….in my opinion those are stupid people. Only because they have no conception of reality. My point was Singapore at the period when LKY stepped into the political picture frame was a powder keg….it was a very dangerous time that required radical actions and even extreme philosophies…but once things stabilize then I think its right to talk about democracy, human rights along with the genre of freedoms…so my point is when we look at history, we cannot be presentist and past judgements without first factoring the prevailing sentiments along with threats and opportunities. Only children do that!

So coming back to Najib. Fundamentally he was sound…policy wise…economically etc. You could even say he was sounder than the current outfit. But if you ask me why his administration seems to be tarred and feathered with so many misgivings from graft to abuse of power, it had a lot to do with Najib’s temprament. Najib is basically a public school boy. In other words he’s a gentleman. That’s fine if he’s conducting politics in Westminster. But the problem is Malaysia is a very turbulent country, there are one hundred and one vested interest and each are pushing and pulling vigorously to all add up to give the rickety sampan a mother of shakes. And no matter how one sees it, strong leadership is the only way to set discipline and some of semblance of order…that unfortunately was woefully absent with Najib.

Ironically, it was not Najib’s avarice, malevolence and unmitigated excesses that accounted for his downfall. Rather it was how those parvenus around him milked his good nature and decency that accounted for his undoing.

My point is Najib was not ruthless enough.

Under him, his retinue behaved like rats in a free for all buffet. They never once held back. As there was no discipline in the ranks.

So from my post analysis. You can draw the conclusion whoever assumes the position of PM in Malaysia has to be a dictator. Only a dictatorship can put an end to the multitude of woes and ills that mire Malaysia. As some of these problems have seeped right down into the very marrow of nationhood that they can even be accurately described as systematic.

Only a dictator can set it all right. Because allow me to share with you my personal assesment – Malaysia is not ready for democracy yet. There are simply too many things wrong at a fundamental level.’

Autism – another country

September 18, 2018

There’s the spectrum that is being autistic. As there is also the alternate reality we all refer to as a ‘normal’ life.

But there is another country that is only known to those who have managed to successfully step out of autism into ‘normal’ life. It is that sliver of a no man’s land between these two worlds….but for those few who know of the existence of this place…it has to be another country.

One day I will write more about this other country.



September 18, 2018

When one has a child on the spectrum. It is very common to get disapproving looks from strangers. But if people learned to be kinder and more understanding, it would definitely make the world a better place.

There is enough space in this world to accomodate all manner of human differences, there is no need to fight and make the life of the defenceless and innocent miserable….if only people know.


There are not many cases when one can still be inspired by journalist and journalism….but in this case. She definitely ranks as one of the best of the best. I wouldnt mind paying top dollar just to hear her speak. I hope that someone would organize such an event.

After all one should always be thankful.