My thoughts on the last PM of Malaysia – Najib

September 20, 2018

I realize many many things have been attributed to Najib…pandemic corruption, unmitigated abuse of power, perverting the course of justice to some say even outright murder!

However I believe Najib did alot of good for Malaysia and Malaysians….if he failed in any where it might because he was too soft as a leader and did not maintain party discipline.


‘I am a realist. That’s really another way of saying – I take the world for what it is and not how I wished it to be. That means if you ask of me a question like – is LKY a good man? I would probably ignore you and we might perhaps move to the subject of urination techniques. But if you ask me, is LKY effective? Then I would say, not only was he effective…he was bloody necessary!

Understand this! This is not about right or wrong…moral congruence or even the law. If you want that, then you should go knock on Edwin Tong’s door to get twenty yes or no questions about LKY….in my opinion those are stupid people. Only because they have no conception of reality. My point was Singapore at the period when LKY stepped into the political picture frame was a powder keg….it was a very dangerous time that required radical actions and even extreme philosophies…but once things stabilize then I think its right to talk about democracy, human rights along with the genre of freedoms…so my point is when we look at history, we cannot be presentist and past judgements without first factoring the prevailing sentiments along with threats and opportunities. Only children do that!

So coming back to Najib. Fundamentally he was sound…policy wise…economically etc. You could even say he was sounder than the current outfit. But if you ask me why his administration seems to be tarred and feathered with so many misgivings from graft to abuse of power, it had a lot to do with Najib’s temprament. Najib is basically a public school boy. In other words he’s a gentleman. That’s fine if he’s conducting politics in Westminster. But the problem is Malaysia is a very turbulent country, there are one hundred and one vested interest and each are pushing and pulling vigorously to all add up to give the rickety sampan a mother of shakes. And no matter how one sees it, strong leadership is the only way to set discipline and some of semblance of order…that unfortunately was woefully absent with Najib.

Ironically, it was not Najib’s avarice, malevolence and unmitigated excesses that accounted for his downfall. Rather it was how those parvenus around him milked his good nature and decency that accounted for his undoing.

My point is Najib was not ruthless enough.

Under him, his retinue behaved like rats in a free for all buffet. They never once held back. As there was no discipline in the ranks.

So from my post analysis. You can draw the conclusion whoever assumes the position of PM in Malaysia has to be a dictator. Only a dictatorship can put an end to the multitude of woes and ills that mire Malaysia. As some of these problems have seeped right down into the very marrow of nationhood that they can even be accurately described as systematic.

Only a dictator can set it all right. Because allow me to share with you my personal assesment – Malaysia is not ready for democracy yet. There are simply too many things wrong at a fundamental level.’

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