4 lost dogs…two found.

September 24, 2018

Two days ago. Four dogs left the compound – Rita, Turbo, Shadow and Jaswan. This happens…in this case. The mistake was mine entirely as I failed to double lock the inner parameter gates.

I have been searching for them since, fortunately the trail is crispy this time of the year, as it has not been raining – this made it possible for me to track them. I discovered Turbo and Shadow at the edge of the jungle. They were completely wiped out and exhausted. So much so, they did not even respond to my calls.

As for Rita and Jaswan. I was not able to continue tracking them as it rained heavily after finding Turbo and Shadow…..their tracks were wiped out. From this point onwards its like looking for a needle in a haystack.

I have called off the search, as experience informs me it is usually impossible for a dog to survive more than three days in the jungle.


‘What will kill you in a jungle is the same as what will do you in six feet under the ground style in the desert, sea or anywhere else where man is not supposed to last more than twenty four hours….it is panic. Panic will make you run here and there and everywhere like a crazed man. When you fall into such a vicious gyre, it is not so different from an engine running full toss without any lubricants…..you will burn up and eventually konk out!

Now that you know something that you did not know yesterday…..if and when you find yourself shipwrecked, marooned or lost….be mindful of your battery levels. That is to say, stay calm and try not to move too much.’

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