Going Banana’s and finding Rita & Jaswan

September 25, 2018

It’s exactly one full year after my replanting. Meanwhile my banana harvest has come in….its so-so only.

I really have to look for Rita…even if the chances are only 50/50. You see we have been together since 2013. One doesnt just give up on that sort of relationship like dumping a worn pair of slippers into the chute. Some people can do that. But not me. I am by nature slow to trust. But once I decide to stand by you. Its as good as a life time warranty….there’s no shaking me off.

My batman jungle gear is ready, its a full moon tonite. I will navigate by the wan of the moonlit and the stars. I will hug the river if the stones are dry, they should glow nicely. That would save on batteries and allow me to proceed swiftly uphill.

I will bring Rufus with me, should I be lucky and find either Rita or Jaswan, its very unlikely that they will have the energy to make the trek back. We would probably have to fashion a harness and I will carry one of them down.

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