Pritam Singh of WP is as useful as a cat who doesnt catch mice

September 26, 2018

An oppositional politician in Singapore who has difficulties in figuring out whether he should oppose the ruling party….is like a cat who is confused whether he should catch mice or maybe run away from rats…..or maybe it is like a dog that hasnt figured out whether the burglar is his enemy or best friend.

If that is the case, then Pritam Singh should do Singapore and Singaporeans a big favor by resigning….as with that sort of pariah dog philosophy, he is no bloody use at all to anyone least of all his dearly unfortunate party.


“As much as I agree PJ was singled out, he also singled out the PAP for special treatment in his representation,” he wrote on Facebook on Saturday (Sept 22) in response to a comment by freelance journalist Kirsten Han.

“There was no way they (PAP) were going to let that stand on the parliamentary record, unrebutted. Singling out the PAP was PJ’s prerogative, consequences included.”

But to be fair to Dr Thum how is he supposed to narrate his understanding of Singapore history without ever touching on the preponderent role of PAP?

This cannot be done! If Pritam Singh uses his noodles, he will also come to that conclusion. Because to do otherwise would be nothing sort of embellishing and perhaps even manufacturing a skewered impression of the history of Singapore.

So to me, Pritam Singh was very presumptous to assume Dr Thum took a personal stance against the PAP.

What Pritam Singh should have rightfully done was ask why did the PAP take what Dr Thum had to say about the PAP personally. On record, he did not do this.’

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