September 27, 2018

The most grevious harm we commit to ourselves daily and hourly without even realizing is to live in either the distant past or unrealized future, but never the present.

The very moment we make a conscious effort to live only in the present….suddenly we will become aware of the many things, people and events which were always there….but were not there before.


‘Father of an autistic boy once confided to me….I am always anxious as to what will happen to my son once I and my wife are no longer around. I told him, the sun is shinning, its a beautiful day, you are fit as a fiddle and as for the boy he has a smile as big and wide as a pumpkin head scarecrow…..just deal with NOW!…do just that…take one day at a time dont try to wolf it all down in one go…you will choke…as for the future it will take care of itself nicely.’

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