The value of good intelligence in decision making

September 27, 2018

The landowner in the front section of my land has entered a secret pact with my business rivals to deny me access to my land! I found this out thru his personal secretary. A forty something MILF.

For years I have been giving her the highest quality plastic flowers and expiry dated boxes of chocs to cultivate her as a reliable mole.

By denying me access the landowner means to force me to buy his portion of land for an exorbitant sum!

I have not said ‘no’ to him…..instead I have given this bent landowner lawyer’s every indication I am most interested to buy his land. I will play for time. Meanwhile I have spread fake news that the spirits on my land are not happy as in the event front access is denied, they would be forced to take the long route. To accomplish this deception, i have hired down and outs to wear Japanese soldier uniforms and march up and down in the dead of night…..that should convince any naysayers that the spirits of the land are not happy with this move.

And since the village medium is under my payroll. When the time is right. I will arrange for her to go into a fake trance to convince the villagers that blocking access is a very idea…very bad indeed.


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