Do not feed your negative thoughts and you will be happier

September 28, 2018

It is not always possible to stop thinking negative thoughts. That is because it is the nature of the mind to wander like a restless child. At one moment it is enthralled by this, then mesmerized by that and so on and so forth…that is the elemental nature of the mind.

Having said that it is not always possible for one to exercise absolute control over one’s thoughts….it is possible not to feed your negative thoughts.

Whenever we feed our negative thoughts. We are creating so much negative energy that it can only suck us in.


‘I grew up accustommed to watching my own thoughts. I realize you dont have to do that. But I have too simply because what is right, appropriate or ‘normal’ doesnt always come naturally to me. For example if i like a girl, its not unusual for me to stare at her like some crazed stalker. If i really like her, i might even flip out my dick on the table and ask her, ‘excuse me do you want some of this? So as you very well understand. Being mindful is not optional to me, not if I want to function in your world without ending up talking to a man with a big moustache in a police station.

The funny thing about watching one’s thoughts is after a while. One is able to read the thoughts of others with remarkable ease and precision. And somewhere in all these, I have been able to make out that some people have every reason to be happy. Yet what they do without them even realizing it is. They subconsciously will or steer their mind into a zone of negativity that can only cause them unhappiness and suffering. At times they do this so often that it becomes a habit. For example they pick fights with their girlfriends and spouses, not because they are angry. Rather it is because it is habitual and worse of all they dont even realize this……..that is why when I look at the world. There are times when I actually think that I am the only normal one and they’re all seriously messed up upstairs. The only problem there is since they’re more of those crazies. I can never hope to win, so its best to keep my thoughts all to myself.’

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