On New Naratif

September 29, 2018

Very interesting and informative alternative news site.


‘Politics cannot be exclusively for politicians. If that is the case, then it is no longer politics as the word implies and probably something closer to an insular nonsensical monologue. Besides if no one participates in politics, then the politicians are free to impute and claim everything in the name of a disinterested and bovine public…this I suspect is what politicians really want….to do what they want without having to deal with the pesky public. This is politicians make it not only difficult for ordinary folk to participate actively in politics. But they even go to the extent of incorporating a policeman into every citizens head so that whatever questions emerge are not too pointed….that is not only dangerous. But it also adds absolute zero value to the whole political discourse and what this corrosive bochap (indifferent) attitude is likely to produce is a flabby, complacent and self indulgent government.

This is what happened in Malaysia. Seriously bengkok (bent) politicians seized power and started to write blank cheques for themselves and their buddies and since they could intimidate and put anyone in jail. Few dared to speak out openly. They behaved as if the statecraft was some private club. But fortunately, there were a few brave souls who continued to speak out despite many being crushed and the rest as the Americans say is history.

So for me I always remember those who spoke out when it was dangerous to do so….as they are the real heroes. Not the politicians. They’re just there for the ride.’

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