3 ways, I save people & planet by eating sardines

September 29, 2018

(1) Pound for pound sardines is the most nutritious and heavy metal free fish in the world! If you eat sardines regularly your eyes will be clear and bright like Samsung AMOLED, teeth will be strong like nails and your hair will be shiny and three dimensional like a Doberman. Women who dont want to get cheated by highly unnecessary super expensive beauty programs should eat sardines three times a week!

(2) Sardines are the world’s most sustainable food stuff. They key word here is sustainable. The only reason why this superfood is not widely consumed is because big food corp prefer to drive up the price of chemical laden cod, salmon, haddock, garoupa etc. I actually believe there is a global conspiracy to discourage sardine consumption by spreading negative propaganda concerning its taste, smell etc etc.

(3) Sardines populations have been exploding. There are three times more sardines in the seas than 100 years ago. As higher food chain predator fish such as cod, salmon, haddock, tuna, garoupa have been overhunted or perished due to mercury poiosoning. If man does not learn to eat sardines, it has been estimated that the overpopulation of sardines will destroy the ecology in the planet.


‘Sardines have always been considered grunt grumb aka poor man’s food. Often its marketed as necessity food. The last of the mohican stuff that you only turn to in the event of an all out nuclear attack and. Since two headed zombies are roaming orchard road and eating people, its not safe to go out….so have no choice but to chow on sardines.

Sardines are also associated with yucky fishiness in terms of smell and taste. To such an extent where people even avoid sardines all together because of the smell.

All this is propaganda systematically and cleverly forwarded by big food corp.

The reason why they dont encourage you or me to regularly consume sardines is the very same reason why the global cattle conspiracist keep forwarding the myth that cheese, milk and beef is the best thing since sliced bread. That is to say the economics and politics of food favors scarcity and that simply means most of these food corp are driven by the profit motive to market chemical laden fish such as salmon, haddock, tuna, garoupa etc etc than sardines which allows them to get a better return on their investment.

But there is no way these mind benders can ever fool me as I read alot. And if you set aside some time and check out what I have said about sardines…its all true…its a super food like Popeye’s magic spinach. I am probably the only human on this planet who has done years of extensive research to render the humble sardine the most delicious meal on this planet.’

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