When you take pride in working with your hands.

October 22, 2018

There are three great addictions in this world. The first is heroin…one shot and you are more or less hooked for life. The other is sugar because it is in every sort of food especially those that insist – sugar free.

But the most insidious addiction is the monthly salary.

Because once a man grows accustomed to that sort of arrangement…then the worst part is that he believes – he is his own man….but he doesnt realize that he is actually living in a lie.


‘Real wages have been declining for last twenty five years. The only people who buck the trend are ministers and senior civil servants in Singapore. But for the rest since the labor market is pegged to the economics of the free labor market and demand….despite working harder, putting in longer hours, they have less security and prospects, especially young people.

Young people these days are not hopeful….they dont aspire to own things or to even better their lot. Many people say they are lazy and the opposite of industrious….but I dont believe that is the case.

I mean if I were young like them….maybe I would do the same thing. Work for a few months, save to travel…after all you only live once… lets be frank even if the politicians dont seem to want to talk in depth about this problem….if one is young these days, then what is the point of raising a family when one cannot even make enough to take care of oneself.

So to me. Maybe not to the politicians and state sponsored economist…the labor market is truly busted…it works for only the select few elites, but for the vast majority it remains something that is only slightly better than indentured labor or worst slavery and drudgery.

This should prompt many to ask – why is it like this? Work after all is supposed to be a reliable pathway to financial liberty.

In my opinion. It is because in Singapore people have been brainwashed to only seek emancipation by following a very narrow tried and tested yellow brick road of seeking a better life thru white collar jobs.

The very idea of working with one’s hands be it as a shoemakers, hawker, cobbler, artisan, farmer etc etc is considered undesirable and synonomous with failing…..this is why so many people are trapped, not only in a financial vortex where there is little prospects for upward mobility….but mentally and spiritually as well….mentally because many cannot deal with the uncertainty of not having a regular monthly salary.

It is only when we see the great lie that we can shake off this stupor and begin to realize why the true road to financial liberty is by taking pride in the labor that we call our every own in every sense of the word…labour as an enterprise…labor as a means of being able to hire others…labor in the classical sense where a man can feel the honesty of a hard day’s work in his muscles…the greatest gift that life can give to a man is the privilege to trust his hands to supply labor to society.

We must take pride in working with our hands and not be too fixated in the paper chase and the comfort zone of a regular monthly salary.’

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