You are not listening even when you are listening

October 22, 2018

Man mentioned he was satisfied with the price and would ask his lawyers to make every effort to facilitate payment to purchase the land….thereafter he took leave. The landowner turned to me and said, ‘that was an easy sale.’ I told him, ‘he has no intentions of buy the land….he is interested in the land….but buying it is not in his scheme of plans.’ Landowner exclaimed, but you heard what he said. I said, yes, but I also heard what he did not say as well.

Landowner was most confused….I did not elaborate further and left it there.


‘Man can never live with not knowing. When others tell us something we still make many assumptions, and even if they don’t tell us anything, we still make assumptions to feed our ego that we are the world’s smartest person along with satisfying our need to know and be informed. Even if we hear something and we don’t understand we will make assumptions about what it is along with its meanings.

Man makes all sorts of assumptions because deep down he is fearful of uncertainty and not knowing…..when you have this insight about man, you will find that this the very reason why man is always spending all his time and money on making things that are not supposed to endure last forever and rendering things which are elementally uncertain…certain. Even if all his assumptions is closer to the realm of fantasy than reality…man it seems cares not!

Like I said man cannot bear the pain of not knowing….it is torture to him.

The irony is everything in life is fundamentally uncertain….in the next chapter, I will write about my personal philosophy of how to live contently with uncertainty.’

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