Rosemary Tomato based sardine spaghetti

October 23, 2018

Fry onions, garlic and cashew nuts till golden brown.

Add in one club can of sardines. Break them up into tiny pieces.

Left overs of sardine curry and two fresh tomatoes chopped with alot of Rosemary leaves.

Fry and add in spaghetti water to thicken if necessary.

Add in two squares of strong mature cheddar cheese.

Finish off with 2 tablespoon of fish sauce…secret ingredient.

Rosemary is a very strong herb that is not usually paired with spaghetti dishes. Many much prefer the milder oregano and basil as they consider Rosemary overpowering, that is why it is usually used to flavor gamey meat dishes such as beef and lamb.

But I needed a very dominant herbacious note and sardines is very forgiving to most herbs. There is alot of room for improvisation. What I wanted to do with the Rosemary was cut the dominant flavor of the left over sardine curry, not much actually, just a small tiny bowl. But since curry is a strong and dominant note it could have invaded this dish, so with generous portions of Rosemary and garlic along with some mature cheddar it certainly came together wonderfully as its own without even the slightest hint of curry. This dish would have been immeasurably enhanced with a liberal portion of dry red wine like maybe Pinot noire heated to reduce into the sauce….that I feel was the only missing dimension….but I didnt have any, but that didnt stop me from imagining it all….nonetheless the verdict is….very very good!

I will try it with Pinot noire next time.

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