Survival craft – unbreakable laces

October 23, 2018

These boot laces are constructed out of industrial strenght cables weaved around kevlar. They are virtually indestructible. They also happen to be extraordinarily expensive…..its a small detail, but extraordinary important nonetheless.


‘It is the small things in life that’s going to do you in….if your relationship with your better half is going to turn sour it will probably not because of the big stuff like cheating on her. Rather its the small stuff like not screwing on the toothpaste or farting without prior warning. Same goes if you boss passes you up for a promotion or a good thing…chances are its the small thing that did you in, like not saying good morning or parking in his lot. If you’re going to die its probably also going to be the small things that will probably do you in, like slipping on a bar of soap in the shower and hitting your head against the rim of the shit pot or being distracted by a ringing phone will driving only to go the opposite direction…so pay very close attention to the small stuff.

Because in life it pays to understand how the head bone is connected to the neck bone and back bone and so on and so forth. By the same token alot of small stuff all connect together to create the big stuff and that is why it always pays dividends to take a mission critical attitude – that means you take the extra effort to ensure you’re always good and tight on the small stuff….do that and the big stuff will take care of itself nicely.’

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