Field Microscope

October 24, 2018

This is a simple 10X & 20X microscope. It is not powerful enough to see at microscopic level of detail, but it is enough for me……as I use it primarily for leaf analysis.

When trees suffer nutrient defficiencies or are inflicted with diseases, usually this shows up as symptoms which can be visually detected from physical characteristics such as the leaves. But there are times when one simply needs a deeper and clearer level of detail to zero into the root cause. For example magnesium deficiency results in the yellowing and crinkling of leaves in old fronds, but this is also true for drought stress as well…the only way to resolve this conflict is to examine the affected regions on a sample leaf thru a microscope. The same is true also of bugs. From a naked eye level ordinary bettles look the same as rhinocerous bettles, but the latter variety can bore into a palm like a drill and bring every frond down. Again the only way to confirm which is which thru magnification.

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