Why no one in the internet is going to donate one brass cent to the Workers Party

October 25, 2018

The Workers’ Party (WP) which in my opinion should be registered as the cover my ass party is currently embroiled in two civil suits over their alleged mismanagement of the Aljunied-Hougang Town Council (AHTC).

The leadership of the cover my ass party has made an appeal online for funds on Wednesday (Oct 24)…..no one is going to give them a cent. Especially not in the internet. After all can you remember one case where they have even stood up or stuck their neck out to defend the rights of netizens or for that matter the internet?

If there’s such a case….do drop me a gentle reminder. As I for one either cannot recall or maybe they have never ever been there for us.

You’re on your own!

Now you know how its like to go thru the meat grinder without support.


‘People who do not have a realistic expectation on what it takes to be the opposition in Singapore should join that air condition party called the PAP. Because when their expectation bears no semblance to reality. Then it is quite impossible for them to perform effectively. That is to say they will never be able to cross the finishing line and that should not be surprising. After all what do you expect when you task a sheep to do a fox’s job?

Tell me who is to blame when you put such an unrealistic measure of trust ontu a person and organization?

Please dont despise me for sharing with you what I believe it takes to be an effective opposition in Singapore or for that matter any country where the ruling party political outfit believes only they and they alone are annoited to rule forever.

You dont have to look so far to farwaway europe or America or Saudi arabia. All you have to do is look across the causeway and ask yourself what personal sacrifices were made by the opposition to kick out BN who have ruled Malaysia for over sixty years. My point is the opposition over there is five chili serious. These are very serious people who have absolutely no illusions when they decide to be opposition card carrying members.

You could even put a gun to their childrens head and they wouldnt flinch and they probably say…go ahead man make my day. My point is for real change to take effect, for the old to be thrown to the wind, then it doesnt pay for any of us to harbor sweet sugary lies that oppositional politics in a repressive regime can be any other thing except heart wrenching, bone crushing and soul shattering.’

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