Ricotta meat ‘ragu’ spaghetti

October 26, 2018

150 grammes beef…same for minced pork and 50 grammes chicken liver blended with Tuscan chili flakes.

Gourmet petit pois peas and baby corn ears…..quartered portabello’s

2009 La Medin…was an intense el Nino year. Hints of fresh June moss on ancient river stones are heightened…aromas of acorns and freshly hatched conkers..freshly cut sorghum fields left to fallow…sweet and with a diabolically bittersweet bite of rind and lime that will probably never come this way for another hundred years.

The cheat…only because one has to be a smmoth criminal to pull this dish off. One could use Ricotto cheese, but where I am, its impossible to come back and even harder to store long term. This way, its good.

Everything reduced under a small wick flame for three to four hours, stir with wooden spoon to stop the bottom from burning….till sauce is very dark, thick and mysterious…sun dried and crusty aromas…flavors are all full of intensity.

I made this for someone who I loved very much with all my heart…one day, she decided to just go….I did not stop her….but deep down. I know she will be back again….one day…one fine day…you see its simply too delicious to forget…you can even say its irresistable..unforgettable…opium.

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