Tommy Koh’s petulant cry baby antics

October 28, 2018

This Tommy Koh talks as if he doesn’t know the modus operandi of the nation destroying press the Strait Times….he seems to be suffering from a severe case of entitlement mentality. When his ‘rights’ are impinged (real or imagined) that is when he feels justified to kick up a fuss a la facebook.

But what about the thousands of white washed and selective reportage cases where none of the marginalised even had a right of reply and a case for restitution….what about them Tommy?

And here you are Tommy behaving like a spoilt brat quibbling about why someone who wore your all time favorite T shirt wasnt featured in a photo session in your super private party!

Shame on you Tommy for not knowing better…or maybe you know and you’re just pretending….after all you were one of the architects of the system!

You should at least stand in line with your rotten tomatoes like the rest of us to pelt ST.

‘You mean Tommy Koh doesn’t know how the game is played in Crazy rich Asian Singapore?’

‘My owner has been feeding me fish chow instead of Alpo because he doesnt qualify for minimum wage… the way do I look as if I am turning into a fish. I could have sworn i used to have pointed ears like Batman this time last year.’

‘Yikes you look mighty fishy to me!’

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