I am definitely going to give this a go!

October 29, 2018


‘I never said just because you’re rich, you dont have the right to spend your money. Neither did I ever say you should just survive on sun flower seeds and boiled water. No! That whole idea would mean that the rich should be penalized for being rich! That’s not even communism, its self flagellation.

All I am saying is one can be whisper quiet and respectful of others and still be able to enjoy the finer things in life…to have a sense of time and occasion while giving respect to people and institutions.

It doesnt have to be full frontal in your face Phua Chu kang bling…it can be quiet, understated and still be a whispering rush like using sardines to whip up a spectaculsr dish.

Above all it can be sophisticated, cultured and impeccably well mannered.

Remember I am putting money in your pocket….I mean if all you people really want are lorry loads of Sengkang sally’s whose only highlight in life is to find ever more inventive ways to put hooks on T shirts…you go right on man!

You want to live your life all pear shaped…you go right ahead man!

But between you and me…I would like to believe that since you’ve taken the trouble to drop in.

You will give me an opportunity to make you a better man.

You see ultimately that is the whole idea that drives brotherhood….that you can be better than what you already are.’

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