Why it is wrong for TOC to run down Chan Chun Sing’s lifestyle

October 29, 2018

It is a matter of profound indifference to me whether Mr Chan’s humility is genuine or fake….what however is vitally important in the general scheme of things is that he seems to understands why keeping to the discipline of frugality is necessary to avert a class war.

Not many people who are fortunate to come to money and influence have either the intelligence, far sightedness and patience to understand why it a matter of strategic precondition that this discipline needs to be rooted in a society like Singapore.

Now there are not many who subscribe to this philosophy….our numbers are far and few…. but what is jugular is the movement is growing and it will only be a matter of time before it begins to gain traction and gather momentum to effect real and meaningful social cultural change…one day this will be the new normal.

Trust me…what is real or not is not the point, that is to say even if a man loathes millet providing he smiles and doesnt make a face….after a while it would be immaterial whether he likes it or not…..that is to say what is important is that one keeps to the discipline.

Nothing in the planet can be accomplished without iron discipline.


‘Many people are misinformed. They are still in a dream state where they believe a class war is something closer to sci fi set perhaps in some distant dystopian future….far removed from their current timeline.

This is not true as the advent of Brexit and Trump suggest class war is already right on our heads!

Whether you like it or not, we are already smack right in the middle of it.

Understand this! It need not been have been this way…globalization and free trade could have worked in such a way to produce more good than bad. But that is all now water under the proverbial bridge. Today we realize that whole droves of people were systematically marginalized to such an extent where they have completely lost faith in the idea of globalization and free trade.

Today globalization is a dirty word. It has become a parlance that symbolises unmitigated avarice, cosy inderism, horse trading that only benefits the elites at the greater expense of the masses. Free trade on the otherhand has become an oxymoron to such an extent where the paragon of free trade today. The USA is now a ressurecting the skeletons of protectionism, xenophobia and mythology that it is possible to regain the glories of a bygone age.

But how did we come to this sad point in human history? I mean if you loitered around Harvard Business school and asked this rather prosaic question…most will not venture an answer. The polite ones may refer you to the faculty of psychology and antropology….but I am very confident no one will ever sit you down and explain the chronology of how the happy go lucky machine broke down as it did! Or even why.

What I am prepared to say on this subject is as follows – globalization as a theoretical science on how people should live, work and play has always been walking a tight rope between perdition and salvation. On one hand there can be do not it is the most efficient machinery devised by mankind to distribute wealth, but one aspect of globalization also means for the very first time in the history of humanity….I have the power to see how the other half lives. And it is this aspect of human conduct concerning globalization that has not been given much attention – after all for the very time in human history millions of people can now snoop with their digital periscopes what car he drives…what holidays do they go too…and even what toileteries they are using. Never before has the human condition being subjected to such levels of panoptical scrutiny. These days a man cannot even enjoy the simple pleasures of life such as the right to scratch his gulis. The very moment his hand goes there. That will launch a thousand camera phones and in no time it will circle around the world at least three times while garnering a million views.

So my fellow brethrens we are now truly living in an age of contradiction where the globalized forces in technology has intersected humanity….but since the latter has not developed to suitably keep pace with technology. Mankind no longer knows how to exercise control over the globalized forces of technology any longer. The greatest contradiction I fear that will continue to sharpen is when the masses who are not empowered to see how the other half lives begins to ask – why can’t I live like them? The contradiction of our age while globalization is often marketed as a miracle machine, all it seems to do is sharpen the deficit in the inability of mankind in being able to fulfill the yearnings and desires of so many….only the rich and privileged it seems are the beneficiaries of globalization.

The problem with the privileged is they dont seem to register this swell of mass discontent that is like a growing mountain of dynamite, because one corrosive aspect of globalization allows them to live a life that is so far removed from the realities of the less privileged that frequently it is impossible for many of the rich to even know what it means to make ends meet….it is a language that is written in a alphabet that most of the rich do not know how to read. The problem will sharpen as since the wealthy will pass on their riches to their children, subsequent generations can only be entrench their way of seeing the world that has nothing whatsoever to do with reality. The result is not only that polarization between the have’s and have not’s will sharpen dramatically, but it also means that the class divide would be so deeply embedded at the level of the psyche that we are likely to end up with many different countries in one country.

That is not to say in the past. There was no such thing as class divide or even the conflict between have’s and have not’s. There was certainly such a divide. But despite the conflict since the commonalities between these two classes were much stronger this created much more incentives for mutual cooperation. But today since technology has magnified the divide between the have’s and have not’s – when we speak about the deficits we are not just talking about nett worth. The index of divide goes beyond merely earning power to even the controversial issue of intelligence to such a point where the have it all actually believe the have not’s are dumb and the have not’s believe that the other half are always conspiring to corner the market all the time, real or imagined matters little. As this simply illustrates how complex the matter is.’

(To be cont)

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