Why r there so many crazy rich asians in Singapore

October 29, 2018

The main reason why so many people like to show off when they have a bit of money has to do with their discomfort concerning money.

Man is intrinsically a social animal. That is why when he’s ostracised, he feels deeply pained and even takes it personally….that is to say man constantly seeks the validation, approval and respect of his peers.

He still cannot stand on his own two feet since instead of looking inwards for strenght he is constantly looking outwards to keep himself from crumbling into dust.


‘Take my advice. You will do well to be wary of the man who seems completely comfortable with money. The only reason why I feel compelled to share this is because it is not merely enough to look a man up and down and conclude he is like this or that….no that might well be fine with a man who is uncomfortable with money. But it simply would not do with the opposite sort of man. As firstly he has his ego in check, that might lead one to conclude further that he has certainly given the matter of the self and the ego considerable reflection. And since he is able to subvert his primal instincts, he might also be a man who is accustommed to winging it alone….that may also suggest at some point in what appears to be a seamless and uneventful life. This man was compelled to swim against the tide all by himself. You see it had to be that way otherwise there would be no hardened edge.

Truth remains its unnatural for a man to go it alone. The path of least mental resistance is to seek strenght if not solace in numbers.

Now that I’ve taken what appears to be an open book and showed you all the secret chapters….my hope is that you are now internally convinced its not so simple even if it seems that way.

You have to be very careful with man like that in business and in relationships….as you only think you know them…you only think.’

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