Learn to do this and you will unsettle your enemies

October 30, 2018

In this world there are three hooks that can snare a man. The first is flattery as that plays to his ego. The second is greed as it feeds his primal instinct of avarice and finally it is lust as that is a very powerful aprodisiac.

If someone is going to set you up for the proverbial fall. I can almost guarantee you 100%. They will deploy one or more of the above mentioned strategies.

You must always be on your guard against these three hooks. They will appear before you and when they do….you must be able to see thru the strategy.

When any of them appear before you….you must never ever get personal. Never let the otherside know that you know. Otherwise they will switch to plan B. Lull them into a false sense of confidence.

Instead smile knowingly without saying a word.

Always be impeccably well mannered especially to women. As since their hearts are very small, they take offence easily.


‘Today mid way in a negotiation. The otherside leaned towards me and whispered, I have a very good deal for you. He was waiting for me to say something, but all I did was smile at him knowingly. After a while this man began to look at colleagues as his anxiety got the better of him and he asked again…arent you interested to know…again I remained silent, this time smiling supremely. Soon he spilled the beans.’

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