Why Marcus Aurelis wrote so much

October 31, 2018

Marcus Aurelis is well known for the stoic treaties entitled meditations. However it was not written for public consumption or even an audience. Aurelis wrote it primarily as a journal for himself….this is evident clear as when one peruses thru meditations, it is really a mess with no beginning, middle or even end.

Aurelis was first and foremost a very lonely man. Since he was a roman emperor. He could trust no one. He was marooned in his own mind and since he was very intelligent, this only magnified his loneliness. So writing. i imagine was a release from his own torment. Secondly he used writing as a means of auditing his thoughts…Aurelis was no dumbo. He was incredibly well read and familiar with the works of the Greek teachers of philosophy especially Plato and Homer…power corrupts. So to keep himself sane and grounded…he regularly examined his thoughts to make sure they were not growing pear shaped – today the sum of Aurelis writings are poetically referred to as the meditations. But that is not correct in my view….as I believe it was Aurelis method to keep himself mentally healthy.

He was in my humble opinion slightly autistic. Writing to Aurelis was a form of catarhsis. That at least is what I sense from his works…a deep and profound pain of a highly intelligent man who was trying very very hard to fit into the world that he did not belong in.

What I find remarkable is so much that was written two thousand years ago still holds true. So these are not just words. They are very powerful and concerntrated distillation of thoughts. So be mindful. As I am issuing out a surgeon general health warning – DO NOT TRY TO TAKE HIS WRITINGS ALL IN ONE SITTING. YOUR BRAIN WILL EXPLODE.

Take it one phrase at a time. Reflect on it.


‘When people say you should forgive others. What they actually mean is you should reject your sense of injury. The moment you do this – you will no longer be haunted by the injustices, trespasses and malevolence that others once committed ontu you.

We all have injuries….you, me and they, we all have them. So and so once did this and that to us etc etc.

Many find it very difficult to reject their sense of injury. So they cling to them like some favorite dog eared story book. As without them even realizing it, they want very much to play the role of the victim.

The victim can always count on sympathy votes. He might also have the right to complain endlessly and possibly even hit back. The victim lays claim to the moral high ground and this legitimizes his or her grievance. But most importantly the victim will always look to others to right the wrongs of the world.

That is why the first step of maturity begins by rejecting our sense of injury – when we do this. Suddenly we realize, we have to take full responsibility for our responses. But it also informs us that, that is really all we can control…we cannot control others.’

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