Only one big reason why Chan Chun Sing will be a ‘good’ PM for Singapore

November 18, 2018

Either way you choose to splice the cake….Singapore cannot do without a military man in the top post. A civilian would be an absolute disaster in so many ways that I rather not elaborate. As it is based on even the most conservative and forgiving scenario permutations, the region is likely to experienced increased tensions due to scarcity of opportunities and resources and whether Singapore likes it or not, it will need to project a much more muscular and assertive foreign policy….either that of other countries will come in a write the rules!

In my calculation it does not pay for Singapore to be a nice guy any longer…if I am pressed it is not only because we all know, nice guys always end up last and holding a bag with a blur, ‘wtf happened?’ expression. But there’s only so much nice diplomacy can accomplish especially when the otherside is hell bent on playing hard ball. It makes far more sense for Singapore to be a closet psychopath* if the imperative is to win geo economically and politically.


*You better upload this if you want to go places! Better still if you can print, laminate and carry it in your wallet and read it out at least three times a day!

No one in this world has ever got any where with just being nice…you want to know why Mahathir & Co won and Najib went the other way. It was because the former was a super duper bad ass street fighter who didnt hold back on the punches. So forget this idea that nice necessarily gets you anywhere….the only place that it will buy you is a hole in the ground!

It makes far more sense to project the image of a person who has the capacity to inflict pain and grief and to use that perception of power for good! That is nice as well, but it is a very strategic and intelligent application of the word nice because now it is purposeful and has a very clear and unambigious intent that is designed to achieve a very specific goal.

For example if your boss knows deep down. You can do his job. i can almost guarantee you 100%, he will get rid of you. But on the otherhand if he also knows you have a dark side and you’re capable of sabotaging him so that he loses favor and you’re doing all this just to take over his job. I can almost guarantee you that he will most probably transfer you out with a promotion.

My point is it is ONLY when the otherside realizes that you have every capacity to turn bad and evil when they fail to provision enough incentives for you not to go down that road that you can get a ticket to sit on the table of life and play hard ball with real bargaining chips.

This is the first rule you learn in the power and politics of a street fight.’

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