I wouldn’t mind getting a Jimny as a second run around

November 19, 2018

Because my go too mechanical horse is a Toyota Hilux and its a big big and very big car. The problem is I dont need to haul stuff all the time, sometimes with my Toyota. I feel like a big 747 hauling just a crate of apples.

But a Jimny would do very nicely as a second car. The problem is Suzuki doesnt have plans to locally assemble this fire cracker, so the selling price might just be as high as a hilux.

I happen to think the Jimny is a great little car ideal for small jobs. I can see myself chalking up decent mileage on a set of wheels like the Jimny. But regrettably, I dont think the marketing folk in Suzuki share my vision….thats a pity.


‘When one lives in the frontier. It is quite normal for one’s to go thru a sort of evolution in taste and preference. For example, I used to like slim women becauze I thought that was elegant, but these days I prefer my women to be slightly round and even big boned. That way if some thing happens to me in the field. My woman can carry me home like a sack of potatoes. I also like my women to be stronger than me. And I definitely want them to be level headed. Of course many of those who like to write me charming death threats say that I like my women to be like furniture that is why I much prefer them level headed so that I can put a big mug of tiger beer on their head while I watch TV. They say all sorts of hurtful things about me such like I am chauvanistic and I like to demean women. But my needs are actually very humble and functional that at least is what people who know me say.’

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