Kerosene ‘P’ Lamp – back up discipline

November 20, 2018

This is something that I have to learn to use. Currently I have three back ups if my mains fail for any known or unknown reasons. The first is batteries, but they need to be recharged in solar mode and there are issues. The second back up is gas lanterns, namely butane. But the kit is expensive and the gas canisters are not that user friendly. The third back up is candles, but since they dont have much juice, thats strictly not sustainable.

I need to look into kerosene pressurized lanterns. As firstly they are very reliable. Secondly, they do pump out decent lumens, about two or three 100 watt incandescent light bulbs and finally liter for liter they are more efficient than even butane or propane.

Noted they’re complicated and one of these lanterns come with maybe one hundred moving parts and probably eight hours of run in hands on training – but nonetheless they’re a very sustainable back up.


‘It is only a matter of time before my business rivals will cut off my electricity and water supply. They think I dont know, but since I am autistic. I am naturally inclined towards paranoia and that means I use spies to keep me informed of what is going on….they will strike during dry season as that if the period where they can inflict the maximum physical and psychological damage.

But they dont realize that I have a network of emergency water tanks to even last me and my dogs two years.

But my weak point is electricity. So lately I have to train myself to live on batteries. My fan is powered by batteries, so is this ipad and everything else. I cook on a camp butane stove.

I am doing this to prepare myself psychologically. So when they flip the switch…..absolutely nothing is going to happen….I am never going to the negotiating table with a shot gun pointed at my head…even without electricity and piped water providing I train religiously from now till then, my life will just go right on albeit with some minor inconveniences.

Man after all has lived without electricity and piped water for 4,000 years!

The village barber who doubles as the Abwher has informed me they are very confident this strategy will work that is good as I mean to lull them into a false sense of confidence. Once they move. I will deploy the strategy of waiting them out….I will transform time into a deadly weapon where the passing of everyday will cut like a razor, but to accomplish this, I will need to project the image despite being denied electricity and water life goes on not only as usual. But I may even have to get at least ten of these kerosene lanterns. As I want to light up my house in the night royally. It will be so bright that everyone in the village can see it as I live on a hill.

The moral of this story – in peace you do well to prepare for war!’

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