Why the totalitarianism of ‘political correctness’ has made the strong Singaporean ashamed to be strong

November 20, 2018

These days the word that gets you ahead in life has to be SAFE! So providing you are ultra careful with what you say that you go thru it at ten million times the day before and you tie a string on your thumb to remind yourself never to scratch your balls in public…you will be safe. SAFE also means you should never offend anyone and that means you should only stick to neutral topics like the weather and home renovation and cultivate the perculiar yet increasingly popular habit of talking about things without bothering to go into any depth.

Stay safe!


‘If you really must know. Trump didnt win the presidential elections. Hillary Clinton gave it to him on a silver plater. The reason why she did that was because no reasonable and sane American could understand what kind of ticket she was running for because her message was so politically correct that it simply didnt make any sense at all!

And that just happens to be a pithy summary of what happens when political correctness is taken way too far. As a consequence of the proliferation of PC. These days everyone goes around bubblewrapped. And since everyone is presumed to be hypersensitive, people with strong opinions are considered anti social and even undesirable.

It is in this perverse way that we make ourselves weaker and alienate the strong and most capable from our community.’

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