Did Edwin Tong make a bloody fool of Singapore and himself in London?

November 28, 2018

Edwin Tong taking a plane all the way to the UK and attending the fake news conference on behalf of Singapore and asking facebook – why it failed to take down a post in SRI LANKA blogoland…..is like landing on the moon and asking whether Mao Sang Wong premium durians can grow there!


What he should have done instead is frame the issues of fake news to the relevancy of Singapore and Singaporeans…maybe a better question to ask of facebook is why they did not take down allegations of complicity of the PM in the 1MDB scandal?

What was facebooks reasons for refusing to take down the post? Was it justified?

What does Sri Lanka or whether durians can grow on the moon have to do with fake news in the context of Singapore.

Why didnt you ask the question that everyone wants you to ask Edwin?

Sri Lanka?

What about the question? You mean he spoke about Sri Lanka instead? Want to see the ball disappear? Did the question disappear like the orange ball? Did it?


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