Autistic folk & Coffee

November 30, 2018

Coffee pods will be grown by autistic people. They will also be processed by autistic people and even the cafe’s will be staffed by autistic people.


‘I am a damm good planter! You talk about coffee its about a strong six out of ten in my inventory of skills. I wouldnt say it is an easy street crop to grow. As its proned to diseases, but I want you to know that’s manageable….unfortunately growing skill even if its in the uppereaches of the best is simply not enough to ensure success.

As the power and politics of the coffee business favors those at the top end of the value chain and not the primary producers.

To transform coffee into a sustainable business, its vital to cut off the middle man….he and all his accoutrements must first be destroyed and the space which he and his counterparts occupy in the value chain must be destroyed.

Without this a priori condition it would be futile to project from growing to market….it is not possible for the enterprise to be profitable let alone sustainable. That is because autistic people cannot be managed by efficiency metrics of normal people. One needs to be gentle and patient with them. So the cost of running an enteprise with autistic people will always be higher than a profit motive enterprise.

But it can be done….as for oil palm. I am done with it!

At the current rate the US and China internecine geo economic war is unfurling. It is my belief that this will engineered state of geo political chaos is likely to stretch on for at least a full decade. During this period there will be many industries and sectors that will be decimated by the pheltora of trade barriers and levies….oil palm will be one of these casualties.

I do not believe policy makers or politicians can alter this sad outcome between China and the US. It is fair to say the only thing to expect from this erudite lot is empty feel good platitudes…truth is the trade war between the US and China is one that is driven by very powerful economic motivations that are unlikely to be wished away soon…whatever it is from this point onwards, its a race to the bottom. I am out!’

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