Dangerous men

November 16, 2018

Autism is a spectrum. The most dangerous category of men are those who have experienced all levels of this long bench. They are dangerous because they have proceeded across the spectrum and at each level they have had to discover within themselves ever more inventive ways to beat the bell curve.

It should be emphasized those who have developed the skills to make it out of autism successfully are also psychopaths in their own right. Not only do they have to be exceptionally intelligent to pull this off. But they also have to be incredibly manipulative and strategic in their outlook as well – unknown to many and even experts, what makes these category of men especially dangerous is that they have the exceptional ability to direct the power of their intelligence like a laser beam.

This is the reason why high functioning autistic people can often work at a problem day after day without experiencing any decay in either their enthuism or mental dexterity. Frequently these personalities will succeed in whatever task they set their mind too as they can be fanatical.

Autistic men who are high functioning in the spectrum and who have managed to attain wealth are especially dangerous….as not only are they highly manipulative and ruthless. But since they have a largesse to prosecute on their obssesive compulsive pet projects…frequently they can mask their malevolence in a sheen of respectability and subject matter competence.

Dangerous men like these can only be controlled and managed by their archtypal facsimile twin in the alpha sense – what motivates them to conform is that the leader is able to see into the mind map of his adherents. Since the leader himself has managed to break out of the autism trap. He has remarkable insights into what motivates and disables his adherents.

Frequently the relationship between the alpha type and his subordinates is characterised by total and complete obedience and loyalty. This is because the alpha is by nature proned to obsessive compulsive paranoia. Both Adolf Hitler and Stalin fall into this character analysis.


It is not unusual to register a very pronounced dual personality character in most men who have successfully emerged from the trap of autism. Usually this alternate character is based on the prototypal hero figure. Carl Jung refers to this mental entity as the shadow.

The shadow is very prominent in men who suffer to autism primarily because this is the character who usually has all the qualities that the elemental character lacks. Frequently when the shadow makes an appearance it can be pronounce like a Dr Jekle and Hyde encounter.

This is the reason why it is not uncommon for people who have regular access to high functioning autistic males to register two distinctively different characters.

Since the function of the shadow character is exclusively to augment the missing blanks in the elemental character – it is not uncommon for the shadow character to assume a super exaggerated larger than life form.

Since the shadow personality is created to enable the autistic person to project successfully into the real world. It is not real, it is essentially a product of fiction. But often the shadow character can come across as so real and convincing that it even supplants the real character of the autistic person.

Frequently the mind of the autistic person who projects into the world via the shadow character will begin to flesh out a convincing narrative of who he is and whence he came from…..the degree of authenticity can range between the amatuer comical to the highly ornate and meticolous to even seem convincingly real.

Alpha type autistic men who embody very strong leadership skills i.e remarkable ease in public speaking, no outward signs of shyness etc etc usually have such a seamless narrative that they will frequently go thru ‘normal’ social intercourse via these make belief characters. In some cases it is not uncommon for these autistic men to even marry, raise children, hold down a good job and even live a normal life without demonstrating any signs of ever relapsing into autism for decades.

But since the life narrative of these men are counterfeits and not real…the narrative for the shadow character has to be constantly shored up. This is the reason why I believe alpha type autistic men are highly driven to succeed as since the dark side of the shadow character needs constant assurance in the form of legitimacy and justification…wealth accumulation is the most expedient way to achieve this goal as it offers the most effective way to recondition personal history thru the art of mythologizing.

In my studied opinion the 1925 novel set in the fictitious precinct of West egg called the Great Gatsby is a very accurate representation of an alpha type autistic man who is living vicariously thru his shadow personality. Although the the American author F. Scott Fitzgerald probably never meant not write specifically about high functioning autistim and their obsessive compulsive behaviours. It is my believe the main protagonist embodies all aspects of the psychosis of the autistic dimension of the shadow character. The reason for my conviction stems from the sobering reality – no normal self adjusted person would ever go so far for a piece of ass. Not even if it is a five chili ass with two cherry toppings on the black forest. Cake that is. Which accounts for the enduring appeal of this great American novel – no one has ever been able to figure out Jay Gatsby’s motivation and his quixotic passion along with his narco obsessive and compulsive fixation with Daisy Buchanan.

The reason why most people cannot make sense of Fitzgerald’s main protagonist is because they dont realize Jay Gatsby represents the quiessential alpha type autistic man who is living vicariously thru his shadow persona.

Jay Gatsby is not just a mysterious man…he is a very dark dark and dark character.


Hitler was also a worshipper of his dark shadow that he would frequently adulate and mythologise thru his narrow Wagnerian understanding of art.

Stalin similarly displayed a bent for seclusion and loneliness. This is very suggestive of higher functioning autism. Stalin’s preference for his inner world to the outer ‘normal’ world was his own devised private way of worshipping his dark shadow as well.

Soviet art bloomed under Stalin, often it depicted super heroic figures who could transcend the banality and baseness of life….

In the soviet processed conception of male beauty and perfection – the shadow was depicted as the techno atomic man.

In some cases even women are recruited into the projection of the shadow figure.

In this soviety propaganda poster entitled ‘higher and higher we go!’ The female character is deliberately masculined – her forehead is very pronounce like a male signifying determination, she is also big boned and muscular and she is even wearing men’s working clothes.

(1) A farm organized along the model of a kibbutz in Singapore can not only provide thousands of autistic people with a sustainable livelihood. But it can also be a happy place where they can stay and learn to be independent away from their family. This would give families with autistic people a much needed rest.

(2) Such an environment will also allow autistic people to gain proficiency to run the facility for autistic people based on my philosophy of the way of the farmer – since ‘normal’ people who manage autistic people are not the solution as much as the problem. As in my studied opinion, ‘normal’ people who manage autistic people only seem to be good only in permanently ‘locking’ autistic people in terminal autism.

(3) The facility should NEVER be run along a charitable ethos. As firstly a charitable status will only be a lightning rod to attract charlatans, confidence tricksters and end up being a free publicity platform for the world’s most useless politicians who are trying to convince the general public that they are doing their very best for the autistic community. Besides it is demeaning and I believe a charitable status will only reinforce the perception that the autistic community is weak. Instead the model to fund this facility will be based on a sustainable social economic market based on the formula that I have promulgated in Chapter 6 of the way of the farmer entitled, ‘Living jobs can only come about if business is approached like war!’

(to be continued)

I have to leave this planet now. But I know that even if I am not with you….you will be in a place where you will always be loved and cared for and can aspire be the very best you can be.

I now have to die….but I am in peace.

The problem is that no Singaporean parent of an autistic child can ever say this in Singapore…..because no one cares.

But I care and one day we will work to make this a reality.


‘In the movie the Patriot starring Mel Gibson 2000 if you are perceptive, there is a character who seems to appear quite magically in and out of the frame….he is of course the French officer and that is actually the model on which the third stage navigator was based on.

Many years ago when the internet was just a baby. Many third stage navigators where sent to distant domains, there they were embedded for years in very strange and distant communities. Frequently they assimilated the customs and cultures of these tribes till it became impossible to distinguish them apart from the natives. Their role was primarily to spy and report to Primus Aldentes Prime. During that period this arrangement was the most efficient way to interdict threats and to maximize the use of men and materiale.

It was in this way that the brotherhood ruled the four houses and despite their small size they were able to exert a disproportionate shpere of influence over people and events.

So successful was the third stage navigator model it was actually brought into the real world. The men were choosen for their mental resilience in being able to endure all sorts of worldly hardships….now some people say this model is not economically sustainable. However recently I read sugarcane juice prices have been spiking in Singapore because growers in Malaysia are having difficulties. And this should prompt most people to ask – what if sugarcane is grown in Singapore would we still have price hikes? Then of course the perceptive reader may ask – why arent we growing sugarcane locally? But there’s bound to be an economist who will eventually ask – how viable is it as a business case to grow sugarcane in Singapore?

My point is its possible to entertain the idea of growing stuff in Singapore as a viable business proposition. One reason why we have been psychoed to believe that to be an outliers idea is simply because land is considered a scarce commodity in Singapore. So the average Singaporean consumer has been conditioned to be a price taker rather than a setter. But you must understand this is uniquely a very Singaporean acquired taste – that is only because we feel it’s correct to incorporate the business metric of measuring personal and organization success into the business case. But what if we incorporate the human dimension such as developing farms specifically to provide special needs persons with an avenue to gainfully seek employment?

Now the $64 million question is how many Singaporeans are willing to pay higher dosmestically planted sugarcane prices to support that sort of social economic ecology?

Not many is probably the answer. And that is why I feel something is very wrong with the way in which the average Singaporean perceives the whole transaction of value.

As you can see even though I have only sketched the outlines very briefly, this is definitely a discussion that is very thought provoking.’

When we ask – what is the meaning of life? It is essentially a question evacuated of all meaning because it has not yet being coupled with a context that makes it possible to produce a meaningful answer.

However when we make a conscious effort to take responsibility.

And it doesnt matter what that commitment might be…could well be a resolution to hold down a job and keeping a tight rein on our runaway train temper…could even be electing to be a caretaker to someone who is aged or sick instead of shirking responsibility. Or even undertaking to take responsibility to see a project thru from beginning, during to the very end.

It is only when we take responsibility that it is possible to answer the question – what is the meaning of life?


Every parent who has to raise an autistic child mourns the loss of an imaginary child that he or she expects the child before their eyes to be.

This is what I call the ghost child.

This is why raising an autistic child is so unbearably heart wrenching to a parent. Because one feels as if one is raising two children…the child who is…and the child who was meant to be.

This is the reason why so many parents who have to raise an autistic child suffer needlessly…..the truth there will always only be one child to raise…the child who is before you right now.

Do not waste your time raising the ghost child…that is the child born out from the conceit of your ego and he or she only lives in your mind’s eye…understand this! That child is not there right before you. But the child who is…is.


‘Never allow your ego to come between you and your child. Because once you put the selfishness of your ego between you and your child. You will never see the child before you! You will always be comparing your child with other children and soon you will be asking – why did this happen to me! What did i ever do to deserve this and this is the executive summary of how so many parents who have to raise an autistic child give up on their children or consign them to some place where they dont have to see them….the irony is its not that the child isnt beautiful and full of possibilities, but since the eyes and heart of the parent is blinded by the ego…it is impossible to see the wonder of all even if it stands right before them.’

It’s no fun being autistic

November 12, 2018

Its difficult being autistic. Because when you begin to gainfully make real progress to emerge from the trap of autism. There will always be some stupid people who will insist that you were not autistic in the first place…you were just pretending all this while. To these erudite sisterfuckers the only thing that will make them happiest is when they see the likes of me rolling in my own feaces and urine. Because that would serve to affirm their place in this world as a domain where people should rightfully know their place. They will call you all kinds of hurtful names should you decide to work to better your lot……that is why its best to be ONLY self motivated.

Understand this! As this is a brotherhood rule! And it is not any rule, it is a timeless and indestructible rule….you can rely on no one on this planet, except yourself!


‘I knew that I would always be alone…..there was this time many years ago when I was studying for my master of science. The class had only three students! The rest chickened out as the course was chockful of mind boggling math. I was a typical quiet asian student. But for some reason my reserved nature didnt go down well with one particulsr lecturer. He just didnt like me and so he picked on me, which I didnt consider an issue. As I was just there for a term. But on one occasion, he did it so publicly in front of a whole class of engineers. There was maybe a hundred or so people there and the problem related to some unresolvable jet engine paradox that no one could ever solve. It was in the facilities of Rolls Royce in Derby. I know its strange, but I remember the smell of the wax they used to polish the linonuem floor…they smelt of apricots…the tin variety from Australia.

I went to the blackboard and in the span of time it took to empty a mans bladder I resolved the equation that everyone till then believed could never be resolved. After that all I could remember was the oppressive silence that descended over the lecture theatre…it was so silent that I could literally hear a grasshopper chew on a leaf.

No one said a word after that…no one looked at me even so much as once. When their eyes met mine they lowered it in supplication or maybe it was fear.

I have no idea even today what was really the underlying emotion that canaled thru me that day…except to say it was the most exhilirating and disturbing sensation that I’ve ever experienced…I remembered it as a dark primal force like a violent splash of blood.

I never attended any lectures after that incident. I studied alone and I know its strange, but I just knew no would dare fail me….you see it was simply too problematic if they ever did that….as they wouldnt be able to get rid of me.

I was the man who resolved anp mathematical connundrum that no one could ever do.

For one brief moment everyone in that lecture hall saw a star explode! And that scared the shit out of them…..because even if everyone in that lecture hall had ten lifetimes. They could never do what I did – and that awful realization can only inflict the most severest and lasting pain. Just imagine coming to terms with the finality of your mediocrity or discovering abruptly the mythical line of where your intelligence begins and ends.

You see most people cannot come to terms with that reality. Not when a line of reality is drawn on their intelligence. They may well be able to come to terms wit the idea, they will always be susceptible to ezcema. Or that if they dont stand up straight and pout out their chest, they will always stand two inches shorter. They can even accept that their cock will never go beyond six inches despite chomping down garlic every morning….but when it comes to the issue of intelligence…its not the same, its too personal.

Let me share with you why….

As what really makes the human condition bearable is the valecditorian ideal that providing a person works hard enough…he or she can always square off the inequities of life in the form of bad genes, lousy upbringing, bad luck or getting dropped and landing on your head as a baby etc etc. So a large part of what makes the unbearable aspects of life bearable is that most of us dont really know our true potential…..we just think or will ourselves into a fait accompli that we know. The perverse effect is it is our ignorance concerning ourselves that supplies us with the constancy of hope, strenght and everything that impels us towards greatness….but just imagine being told one fine day when you least expect it – this is your lot in life! These are the lousy cards providence dealt you….you dont even have a fucking pair! This is as good as it will ever get!

Or let me put it prosaically – just imagine telling a twenty something who has just landed a cushy job in a merchant bank that by the time he hits fifty, he’s going to end up being an uber driver who only dreams about being stuck in a perpetual traffic jam in the ECP!

See where I am coming from….

I bet you every single person in that lecture hall that day couldn’t shit for a whole week after that. Just imagine holding on to that load day after day! Not being to let go of all that pent up pressure.

For me. I knew the finality of my condition after that day….It was a rare moment of epiphany like how a river suddenly loses its vigor once it discovers the infinity of the sea. Just imagine this mighty and raging river which once started as a sliver of a creek high above the clouds in some mountain…from the word go…it has been relentlessly pushing its way like a baby into the world…tumbling over millions of rocks….meandering left, right, over and under just to reach the bosom of the seas…then once it arrives at that point when no one quite knows whether its fresh or salt water…suddenly it loses all its energy like a spent man whose run out of road after arriving back to the very point whence he started his epic journey….for me I knew I had finally come home to who I am…..someone who will never really fit in no matter what he did….after that day, that idea didnt bother me any longer. I would always be alone and there and then….I knew it right down the marrow of my bones.

That is why today I write frequently about loneliness. Its catarsis. Now you know.

You see its very simple. I can count on no one except myself….I think that is the most valuable lesson every austistic person learns at some point in his or her life – you’re all alone….so you best get used to it!’

Yesterday someone asked me in the internet…do you believe that Mini Lee was instrumental in helping Najib & Co in stealing money?

I replied…I dunno lah.

Then I asked this person who made these allegations. He mentioned some newspapers in Malaysia.

Then I said, I am sure its quite a simple matter to sort out then…as the government of Singapore will most definitely sue….after all it impinges on the reputation of the PM of Singapore!

This person then went on to ask further – what accounts for my certainty that the Singapore government will sue.

I merely said, because they sue ALL the time and if they dont sue this one time, then too many people will certainly start to ask – why are they not suing this time round? And if too many people begin to ask that question, then it will very very problematic…..they best sue.


‘Most people have absolutely no idea that I am autistic. That is because I am by nature a quiet person and since I happen to have a square jaw and dont fidget alot, most people just think I am deep in thought whenever they see me going about my business…..but there are a few who like to press my buttons….in the past whenever they did this. I would jump. On other occasions I would even shout out – how high do you want me to jump this time!

After a while I wised up to the scam. These days I just smile supremely and even when I am pressed to say something….I just keep quiet like a tomb…and this is very enigmatic because suddenly those who try to push my buttons suddenly find themselves in a strange and scary place that they rather not be in!

So the moral of the story is never ever over react in such a way where you fall into a predictable pattern. Because if you do so all the time. All it takes is ONE single occasion when you hold back. And even if its a good decision to do so….you really cant blame anyone should they smell a rat!….yes I am sure you can say its a fake news rat…but smell it head to the end of the tail they will…a big fat smelly cheesy rat at it!

This is karma lah! Please dont be angry with me…remember I am just an autistic simpleton farmer….if you really want to be angry shout at the person in the mirror!’

Everyone has an elemental right to read unfiltered material posted in the public domain in the internet. Since everyone is already vested with the power to winnow truth from lies, government interference in any shape or form is unnecessary and redundant…..if government wants to interfere and regulate what the public can and cannot read…..they should go snd start their own internet and facebook.


SINGAPORE (Reuters) – Facebook has rejected a Singapore government request to remove a post of an online article that the government said was “false and malicious”


‘I think there are many people who used to think they are ‘untouchable’ cannot sleep well these days…..Otherwise why do they want to do stupid things like put out fire with super dry paper…why are they so scared of even a little truth?’

Q: You have consistently expressed skepticism concerning the effects of the PH win. Can you elaborate further.

A: I do not deny the collective sentiment following the PH win was euphoric. But it was premature in my opinion. As PH is a coalition government comprising of very unlikely bedfellows. It is fundamentally an unnatural alliance predicated solely on the practical necessity to win the 14th Malaysian elections.

This bears repeating at least ten times as it is the crux of why I say all hopes of this being a new dawn will only be disappointingly still born.

The way I see it. PH has won. Its mission accomplished, there remains little or no motivation by any of the component parties for PH to remain cohesive and united any longer.

They are all biding for time and polishing their missles. Once the conditions are right for a break out. They will make their move.

Q: The new Malaysia heralds a new epoch of freedom and liberty according to many NGO’s. Even Singaporean activist have paid Mahathir a visit to express their enthuism and perhaps hope that the same will occur in Singapore. What is your POV concerning these changes.

A: Cosmetically. Superficially. On the surface at least, there has indeed been changes. The divisive anti fake news law along with a slew of anti freedom laws ranging from the sedition act to publication act is going thru an epic review. Najib & Co are certainly headed for five day nasi lemak jail term. However, it is with great regret fundamentally as far as how politics is conducted in Malaysia nothing has changed significantly. Votership appeal is still very much leveraging on identity politics along the twinheads of race and religion. Even the most progressive faction, PKR headed by Anwar cannot change this reality.

As for what the future holds. Instead of Ali Baba and the 40 thieves culture promulgated by Najib & Co. We are likely to see a tussle for power between Mahathir and Anwar. So far both sides have been careful to remain discreet in their designs, but as time goes on. Disagreements between these two camps are likely to intensify to new levels and all this cannot be good for Malaysia or even Singapore.

I have never believed for one monent Mahathir will hand power to Anwar. Neither do I believe Anwar himself believes it either.

Both camps are just going thru the motions of pretending. The malays have a poetic way of describing this intrigue – Sandiwara. But even as we speak now. To the perceptive observer at least. There are noticeable signs that the battlelines are sharpening and when this rumble reaches a point of reckoning, it will further divide the country.

Q: Generally do you feel that life has improved for the average Malaysian?

A: Who is the average Malaysian? Let us not generalize. What you must understand is Malaysia is not like Singapore where one can travel from Boon Lay to Pasir Ris in less than two hours. There’s alot of social along with historical contours. The demographic along with wealth distribution and some even say intellectual capital is unevenly distributed. So I think it is very dangerous to generalise. One of the reasons why almost every think tank in Singapore failed to register a clear and present threat that BN would lose was because they did not see the wisdom of differentiating votership along the lines of income, trade, demographics, location etc etc. All they did was rely on trite and tested assumptions very much in the way the allies in 1939 assumed Nazi Germany would invade the lowlands of Holland and Belgium. They never counted on the main Werhmach phalanx proceeding via the Ardennes.

So to me this is a failure of reasoning that has its roots in old hat methodology and analytical tooling.

Of course some people say I can see all this because they are convinced autism and numerical dexterity has something to do with what they considered remarkable insight. But to me that is just common sense that doesnt seem so common.

But I digress…I do apologize. Let me proceed to answer your question in earnest.

Has life improved? Yes and no. Yes because the iron curtain of fear and repression has been banished and even when one reads the newspapers, the mood of freedom is certainly palpable.

No! Because Malaysia is still beset by the many entrenched social economic problems. Arabification or the spread of muslim fundamentalism is hardening. Sure you dont register it in the cities and down South. But where I turn the wheel of life, this ideological evolution can at best be accurately described as pronounced. The effects are increased polarisation and the long term effects you can best judge for yourself. These problems are not receeding because of the PH win. On the contrary these ideas have become much more muscular and assertive as they are under assault.

Has life got better on the economic front? Again on the surface yes. In theory perhaps maybe since consumption tax in the form of GST has been zeroed. But the new government is in a hubris as since the revenue base is so small in Malaysia. At some point in the foreseeable future they have to ressurect GST as a matter of economic strategic priority. Either than or go back to classical Keysian economics to govern the country.

But what is even more worrying to me on the economic front is how the new government seems to be cold shouldering China by cancelling so many signed mega projects. The justification for all this seems to be occuring in Mahathirs brains as what I can only describe as a hogpotch of xenophobia and imaginary anxieties on being colonised by a much more muscular China.

To me. This is a very big mistake especially when China is engaged in a trade intercinal war with the US. It is such a big mistake that I fear it will be Malaysia’s undoing.

To my understanding. Mahathir is living in a time warp. Japan is in decline. It is no longer a superpower like what it used to be in the eighties in the last century. China on the otherhand is the only game in town. And if you dont play that game. There’s no other game to play.

Q: Singapore does not seem to have a good relationship with Mahathirs new Malaysia. Do you see relations improving once Anwar assumes power? And why?

A: Not long ago. The editor who was instrumental in bringing 1MDB to the international stage Clare Rewcastle Brown was detained by Singapore immigration for questioning. Now was she on the blacklist? If so how did she become a red flagged visitor to Singapore? Maybe someone in immigration can clarify. But if one looks at this anecdotally, we might be able to postulate certain theories and one of the most disturbing questions would certainly be – was Singapore complicit in assisting Najib’s kleptocracy?

Please understand – you have asked me why is the sing and Mal relationship at a all time low. Most people will say that it is due to Mahathir’s recalcirance. They will say, he like dat one lah. I do not believe this as it elides completely the magnitude and gravity of the 1MDB scandal. Whether Singapore likes it or not. One major reason why relations between Malaysia and Singapore has taken a nose dive and will continue to do so in my personal opinion is because many movers and shakers in the new Malaysia government especiallu Mahathir & Co believe real or imagine Najib & Co would not have been able to hide his ill gotten gains without Singapore authorities silent acquiescence and possible complicity.

I am not for one moment suggesting all this is true. All I am saying is this is along with other stories are circulating in the public domain and that is the narrative whether people like or not and why I believe current Mal and Sing relationship is at a all time low.

Q: Will the relationship improve with Anwar?

A: I dont know. But this I know. As the department of justice and the Malaysian judiciary begin to drill deeper into 1MDB. When mr Jho Low is brought to justice and this will happen by virtue of the scale of the fraud. The motivation for a covert operation like Eichmann’s operation finale is very real simply because he is the missing jig saw in the puzzle. When all these events culminate the spot light will increasingly be directed at singapore simply because it is a classical case of criminal intent by association.

Q: I dont wish to make light of the 1MDB scandal. But how true is it that it has been blown out of proportion?

A: A better question would be cui bono? That is to say, who stands most to gain by magnifying the effects of the 1MDB scandal. To my understanding it is not to the interest of PH to render any accurate sense of scale to the 1MDB scandal. By blowing up 1MDB, the custodians of power can use it as a convenient get out of jail card for everything that is wrong or not working properly with the new malaysia. Everything from the unfulfilled election promises of PH to chickens in the kampung not laying eggs has been blamed on the 1MDB scandal.

Yesterday I even overheard one of my harvesters lamenting that one reason why he cant seem to find his cutting tool was because of the 1MDB scandal. My point is 1MDB is slowing evolving into a national sobriquet term of endearment, one day it will acquire the same status as global warming.

But on a serious note, the general public is starting to feel fatigued by blaming everything on the 1MDB whipping boy. At some point the custodians of power of new Malaysia need to work towards 1MDB closure and take full responsibility for the future.

Q: Do you think what has happened in Malaysia can happen in Singapore and if so when and why?

A: So far I’ve managed to predict two significant elections accurately, the first was the Trump win, the second the PH win. If there are any lessons to be learnt here, it was how no one could even conceive any disruptions to the status quo ante. In a sense we are beginning to increasingly live in an epoch of endless contradictions that makes accurate predictions quite difficult.

I happen to have alot of sympathy for political pundits like political journalist and pollsters because its increasingly difficult to impossible to predict accurately. This is because the internet makes it not only possible to sustain so many different genres of the same thing. But you can even say that classical geographies of ideologies and beliefs are constantly balkanising into smaller and finer cuts of sums of the whole that makes prediction difficult. Before there was almost a binary flavor to American politics vis a vis, you’re either a Democrat or Republican. But these days with the proliferstion of the internet its possible for even ideologues to go thru a sort hybridisation wheres they break away into sub groups of beliefs.

Today Mahathir is not only a super star politician. But he’s also a great motivator as well, because these days many retired statesman look to him as a source of inspiration to get back into the saddle of power and politics.

My point is its a fallacy to believe power and politics can always be conducted in the classical way. That is no longer true. By the same token its not true to assume that outcomes will never change from the reliably true either. If Trump, Brexit and Mahathrism teaches us anything at all it is simply this – once you’re too comfortable that’s just the right time when the proverbial carpet will be pulled with vigor from under you!

Campingaz burner (New)

November 7, 2018

Everyone who has ever camped or bugged out for the very first time, probably did so with a Campingaz kit. They arent known for being ultra imaginative or even particularly good at manufacturing camping stuff. Their stuff can be classified as the Blue Peter of the outdoors community. Nothing serious, slightly kooky with a suggestion of preppie boyish charm thrown in for good measure…..but nonetheless very fun to tinker with like toy trains.

Even adults need toys that get away with being functional from time to time.

This on the otherhand is very serious no nonsense military spec cooking on the go kit, full titanium construction. Zero failure in artic and sandstorm conditions. Cost a whole kitchen!

On Patrol

November 6, 2018


November 4, 2018

When one remains silent while everyone else seems to be preoccupied with talking…..one is not actually silent. Infact silence can often be deafening.


‘It is very difficult for one to remain quiet. That is because even when we appear to be quiet, there are many conversations happening in our head. The human condition is fundamentally noisy. It is full of chatter.

You do not need to take my word. You can conduct an experiment yourself by trying to quieten your mind for only one minute…..you will not even get beyond 5 seconds before your mind starts chattering again.

This is the reason why most people much prefer to talk than to remain quiet. Because when they cannot talk, they are not so different from a shaken fizzy drink trapped in a can. They’re under pressure.

So to be quiet is a mental state that can only come from first understanding that silence is not the same as nothingness. Silence has a shape and form, it is weighty. It is also full of authority and very serious. Above all to be silent is to be alert and at rest.’

Q: How would you rate Trump as a president?

A: He is definitely controversial. Because if polls are to be believed, we are informed that America was never been so divided before and all of that has to do with Trump it seems. Though I remain skeptical about that finding as I believe America has been that way since Bush senior. It is a divided nation. The only difference this time round is there exist a spokesman in the form of Trump for the disenchanted, marginalised and disgruntled.

Trump is also very brash. He seems to act all by himself and doesnt believe in a consensus approach like many of his predecessors who would usually get buy in thru the UN and IMF to push thru global reforms. In many cases his independent streak has caused many reliable US allies to disociate with Trump….simply because he acts on his own and no one really knows what the end game is. Or whether there’s even one. Although to be fair to Trump. No one really knows how much of what he says and actually does is crafted to mythologize his image.

There is certainly a high level of uncertainty concerning Trump’s authenticity. Because it is not unusual for him to say one thing and do quiet another. It has happened so many times that no one really knows any longer what Trump may think or even decide to do tomorrow. I suspect not even the combined efforts of the CIA, NSA, M-15, Mossad, KGB and Chinese intelligence services can predict with any level of accuracy what Trump’s next move will be.

If there is one thing that erases all the misgivings of Trump. The president and the man. It is this….Trump has not started another stupid war. This is significant because since Jimmy Carter. Every successive president has started a war and the perverse result of it all is that it has eroded the US sphere of influence globally and hollowing out its legitimacy as a moral force for good.

So on that account alone. Dont be surprised if one hundred years from now. Everyone on this planet votes Trump as the most successful US President who ever lived!


‘I think in life we have been conditioned to search out for at least ten bullet points before we can even be internally convinced that this or that is five chili good.

Sometimes. Not every time I admit. But sometimes all you need is one really good point to tie a nice bow to make the case.’

People who consistently demonstrate self restraint in speech, action and conduct are elementally very dangerous people.

I do not mean dangerous in an evil sense. Rather if one is in a war. These are the people that you rather have on your side….as they take a strategic outlook to life.

By strategic I am referring to the skill to understand the essential form of things and how they come about along with what it takes to achieve goals.

These are not people who you underestimate without paying a heavy price.


‘Many people have dismissed Anwar Ibrahim as a light weight. Even now many of these same erudite lot continue to insist that since Mahathir is so popular it is very unlikely that he will relinquish power and simply hand over the mantle of leadership to Anwar.

But I feel these people have not read the situation correctly.

As they all assume that it is the prerogative of Mahathir to hand over power to Anwar. What they all dont reckon on is Anwar will seize power via a bloodless coup detat.

I see this very much in the cards. And in deriving at this conclusion much of it has to do with the case study of Anwars temprament as a politician.

He is a politician who has demonstrated remarkable self control. Twice he was incarcerated in jail for sodomy. And recently when he ran for elections in Port Dickson. His enemies arranged so that Saiful, the man who he allegedly sodomised was one of the contenders. Yet Anwar smiled and shook Saiful’s hand. Whether this has anything to do with an intention to bang Saiful one more time….I do not know. But what I do know is the designs of Anwar enemies amounted to nought as Anwar kept his cool.

So this is a man who is very dangerous…..he should never be underestimated. If Mahathir & Co thinks that they can pull a fast one and somehow manage to skip Anwar from the line of succession then I think they will have another big and unexpected nasty thing coming their way.’

The point of inception when the rational mind comes into being is when one realizes that one is elementally irrational.


‘One thing good about being autistic is that I dont really trust myself. I say its good because if not for this. I would probably never see the need to spend so much time auditing my own thoughts. Or reviewing what was once said or done.

Doing this religiously means I get valuable insights about myself along with gaining a deeper understanding about my fellow humans as well.

Frequently I find that when I conduct a post mortem on how I made a decision or formed an opinion concerning someone or a situation….it was skewered by an underlying current of emotions that I was not conscious of….it is only when we make an effort to connect with our inner being that we can begin to realize how complicated we are…to even see that man is not elementally a rational being.

He only believes he is rational and that is the main problem.

Coming to terms with this reality is not a weakness, it is a strenght.’