Give your love to only responsible people

December 18, 2018

When you give your heart to people who are responsible….even if it doesnt work out. They will never throw your love away like rubbish. They will always see it as a very rare and valuable thing and will treat it well.

But if you give your love to someone who is irresponsible. Not only will they not value it. But they will also not be able to see any value in it, that is because irresponsible people have NEVER given anything valuable to anyone before….so they do not know what is valuable and worthless…it is like talking to an ignorant person about diamonds and precious stones…that is because there is literally nothing of value in the heart and mind of an irresponsible person.


‘When you give your love to someone irresponsible. The day you break your leg. He or she will leave you! Its not that they are cruel. That is only true if they have the power to imagine what you are going thru. Truth is they will leave you with a care free and happy heart. Because one side of their brain can even convince the otherside that you will somehow be able to live better in a wheelchair without them….to put it another way. Irresponsible people dont dare to look squarely at the truth!

A person who is responsible never fears the truth. If you break your leg. He or she will always see you all the way down…and even if things dont work out and they need to take off. They will always make sure that you are OK first.’

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