Is Mahathir weaponizing fisb & shrimp to Singapore?

December 18, 2018

If this proves to be true…then I have to say with the deepest regret…..Mahathir may well be the dumbest prime minister in Malaysian history.

Because Singapore has built in contigencies for virtually everything from sand to sunflower seeds….she will simply source fish & shrimp from elsewhere and in the long term the people who will really suffer most as a result of this ‘shoot myself in the foot’ foreign policy adventurism will be Malaysian fishermen and breeders!


I really do hope all the rumours in the internet amounts to just fake news for the sake of Malaysian fishermen and breeders!


‘I am going down to the city. If I find this to be true. I will bring this matter up officially with the Planters assoc, after that we can all say good bye to PH….i dont really care!’

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